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turkey day 09

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ok bird is in the brine i will take a pic tomorrow before i put it on the pit and will post more pics as i go i also have 5lbs venison snack sticks i will put putting an also hope everyone has a blessed Thanksgiving
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Thanks and have a good turkey day yourself.
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Hello and Happy Thanksgiving started off with putting on my 5lb of Venison snack sticks and put the bird on @ 9:30 at which time i moved my snack sticks to the oven to finish off so i could run the smoker hotter

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Happy Thanksgivin,

Looks like some Nice Sausage sticks you are making, turkey looks good too....
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forgot so show a pic of my smoker

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venison snack sticks are done and do they taste AMAZING!!

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updated pics

this is 3hrs into the smoke using lump with cherry,apple wood spritzing with
apple cranberry juice every 45min

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