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tired bird

the ole bird just got tired of waiting to be feasted on.
kinda like me watch a little football check out christmas lights bout all i got done. gonna hang lights today while the weather is good.

the bird & all the trimmings.

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Here's one of three Thanksgiving Day turkeys we served yesterday, this one smoked in my UDS. I brined and injected the bird using travcoman45's Slaughterhouse recipes. The brining took place overnight, for a total of 13.5 hours. The outside got a good dose of Zatarain's Creole seasoning. I smoked it for 5.5 hours at 275-285 F over RO lump and mostly apple wood, with a chunk of hickory thrown in.

In short, it might have been the best turkey I've ever had. Top praise came from my 18-year-old daughter, who said it was so good, and so moist, she didn't even want to add gravy.

Here it is, ready for smoking:

After two hours, started the spritzing:

Four hours in:

Done and ready to eat:

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Here's my throwdown entry....

Here is the one I did this year. Chixojom's Buttermilk Brine and Slaughterhouse injection smoked on pecan wood.

The whole story is here:

On the ECB:

Outa the Smoker:

Carving up:

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All are great looking birds...wish I would have taken some pics...we did the brine from kuta's book and added a couple bird anyone had eaten was said more then once yesterday..So for only being the 2nd turkey I have cooked I was happy.....oh I did a smofried turkey by the way....I'll shut up now I know it never happened with out pics...when do we vote ????
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I didn't take part either but there are some great looking birds that have been on display!
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I didnt do a whole bird on the smoker, did a buttermilk brined bone in breast. turned out really good.

nice lookin birds everyone.
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Newbie but in

This is my first bird since doing a propane conversion on my ECB. Pecan smoke,just over 3hrs.

The other is a high heat roasted both were 14 pounds.

Oh, and brined for 8 hrs before.
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Here is my submission for the 2009 Turkey throwdown. I started with a 12 lb young turkey. Brined it in a buttermilk solution for 14 hours. Smoked it at 255 for 6 hours. While i was at it, i also wanted to make a turkey side. SO.. what else WOULD i do... a Turkey Fatty! I took a lb. of ground turkey, seasoned it. Wrapped it in Turkey bacon, and filled it with stove top stuffing. Plated it with a ring of mashed potatoes, and drizzled a nice layer of gravy over the top. It was spot on!! Here is my qview. Hope you enjoy!~

The ingredients.

After the brine and a light sprinkling of tequila lime seasoning. The bird on the right is one that i smoked for Heliboydoesbbq's dinner with his family. (hard to travel with a smoker!)

Birds on the smoker. Getting a nice tan!

after an hour of foiling and sitting in a cooler. My brother started carving it before i could snap this photo. GRRR>>>>

The breast. Sliced Against the grain. Keeps the juice moister. The skin was poached.. Hard to keep people off the bird!!

The fatty getting ready for rolling. Fatty piston was used to form the stuffing log.

Ready for the smoker. (made a second fatty for today. Its stuffed with red beans and rice w/ turkey kielbasa leftovers)

Fresh from the smoke.


Plated with taters and gravy. All it was missing was some cranberry sauce. Thanksgiving in a roll!!!
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some nice looking birds here thanks for the pics
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Looks like everyone had some tasty smoked birds for Thanksgiving. Great work out of everyone!
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heres my entry
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Ok so I had to go to the In-laws for Thanksgiving Day dinner. God bless my mother-in-law, I love her alot, but she DESTROYED a turkey! To begin with, she doesn't smoke at all icon_eek.gif, so the bird was oven roasted, and so overcooked it had no flavor at all and was terribly dry as well.

All I could think about was gettin' home and smokin' the bird I have set aside for dinner at my family's house, which is tomorrow.

That bein' said, here is my entry, a day late and a dollar short.

About 12 lbs. She spent all night in Tip's Slaughterhouse brine. Then dusted with some cajun seasoning and poultry seasoning. I put a quartered onion and a quartered apple in the cavity.

Into the GOSM at 300*


She's been in there about 2 hours. Won't be much longer.

Done! She looks so good it's gonna be hard to wait til tomorrow.

I'll be foiling her now, and into the fridge for tonight. Should be a hit at the folks' house tomorrow, dinner at noon sharp!
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Here was mine from yesterday.325 degree with 2 chunks pecan and 1 chunk cherry...Stuffed with a bread crum stuffing....The tan lines are from trussing the legs...

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I smoked one, it was awesome I have no pictures but it looked like the rest. Except I had a pretty sweet rub all over on mine it was a good day.
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I guess I will get in on this. This is the first turkey I have done on the UDS and I used Tip's brine and spritz which I will be repeating next year.

4 hours in

Just about time to take it off.

After resting for about 30 minutes.

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OK now how we gonna vote?

1st 3 points
2nd 2 points
3rd 1 point

then add em up
how can we do that ?
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Hard to say how to vote, they all look awesome.
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I wanna give one vote to everyone who posted, because they all look GREAT!PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Here is my thanksgiving bird, injected with creole butter, my rub mixture, smoked at 300 with hickory and apple. I pulled the bird at 165 in the breast and foiled. Next time going to try Tip's brine and injection.
This was only picture I got went to take a shower, wife and son took birds to her mothers carved and on the table before I got there.
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