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brining emergency!

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I have no Kosher salt...will table salt do? what about rock salt?
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You can use table sat, preferably non-iodized. Use a lower amount. If a brine calls for 2 cups of kosher, use 1 cup of table salt.
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of course what I have is iodized...Should I just go to the store? Its quite inconvenient but I don't want to ruin my bird either
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No, you are fine!.. Some people claim that they can tell the difference between the two salts, but dissolved and used in brine, I'd say go with what you have. I was lucky enough to get the last box of kosher salt in FoodLion today. I got down on my knees and had to reach way in the back.

A lady next to me said, I thought ya was dropping to the floor in prayer!

I laughed and replied I was, I prayed for the last box of kosher salt and the lord provided. :)
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Do NOT use rock salt. Too many impurities. What Racey said should get you through. If you have non-iodized salt that would be best. Table salt can give you a bit of a metalic flavor.

Too late to run to the store?
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Personally I'd be headed to the store but thats just me
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You'll be fine with table salt Springer, no worries.
Just be sure to keep an extra box of kosher in the pantry for times like these.
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I'd go ta the store. There is a difference in how kosher salt measures out with table salt.

If ya gotta use table salt cut it back a ways.
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Yeppers, cut it by half or a little more. The finer grains of table salt doesn't measure the same as the larger grains of the Kosher.

Did I say don't use rock salt! LOL That stuff is only good for clearing ice off the driveway or around the outside of the icecream maker.
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Yeppers, I've brined plenty of birds, got a dedicated rig for it, and table salt works just fine. Non-iodized is best, but in a pinch, iodized salt works too. As has been stated by me and now Trav, cut back on the salt called for if the recipe calls for kosher. Cut back by about half as table salt has a heavier volume then kosher.

I assume since ya said going to the store was real inconvenient that you don't have one right around the corner?
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I just made a brine with the iodized salt and after the I leave and the turkey is soaking my wife tells me where the kosher salt is icon_redface.gif . Im at work and can't do anything until I get home. Can I re-do my brine when I get home for work. It will have been in the one now for 4.5 hours. Will switching to fresh brine with kosher salt instead be like double brining it? Or, will just continue to do its thing like nothing was changed?
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Don't know for sure. But I would honestly say at this point,, I wouldn't worry about it.
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I wouldn't worry to much bout it, still gonna be a tastey turkey!
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I'd say leave it be. You will be fine.
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Must not have been married to long LOL.
You will learn to ask the wife .
My Brother is frying turkey for tomorrow so i will smoke mine sat or sun.
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