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Venison Jerky Today

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My buddy gave me a lot of venison and asked for jerky. So today I'm using the ol' Apex Apparatus to make deer jerky.
See: http://www.smokingmeatforums.com/for...537#post368537

I sliced and then marinated the meat for about 30 hours. I like putting the plastic bag of jerky mix in an ice chest, with a couple bags of ice. I also take the bag out every 6 hours and gently push the meat & jerky juice around with my knuckles. You don't want your fingernails to rip the bag.

I didn't get photos of that part, but here are some loading up the smoker.

Here is the stack of rack of pre-jerky. I use both nylon screens and metal racks. Spray with Pam before loading up.

Close-up of the screens of pre-jerky.

All racks & screens loaded.

Smoke chip box getting started.

Electric chip box with lid.

Getting close to jerky temperature.

This is a good temp to begin smoking jerky. As the meat dries, the smoker's temperature will increase, so its a good idea to start low and finish the run at no more than 153F.


Here is the finished product, venison jerky.


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That's some good looking jerky! Just finish sealing that box and while you're doing that I'll PM you with my address. icon_mrgreen.gif

points.giffor already having the box loaded and waiting to mail to me!
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No No No My address goes there. Man that stuff look sooooo good.
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