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Moose breakfast sausage

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I just whipped up a 5 pound batch and gave it the fry test...WOW....even the wife liked it...never took any pics as I dropped my digital camera and am in search of a new one.

Anyway,here is the recipe if anyone wants to give er a go...

3 lbs lean ground..moose, elk, deer etc..
2 lbs Bulk bacon end trimmings, 5 pound box from the grocery store
1 TB salt
1 TB sage
1.5 tsp Nutmeg
1.5 tsp Thyme
1.5 tsp White Pepper
.5 tsp Ginger
1 cup Ice Water

I used the 3/16 plate to grind the bacon, the moose was previously ground with the same

Mix all spices in with the water then add to meat/bacon mixture.
Place in covered container overnight(plastic) letting the flavours meld.
Stuff into casings or you can form into patties.
I gradually added the salt until I got it to where I liked it. The bacon contains alot of salt so not much extra was needed

Try her out and let me know what ya think. This is as close as I have ever came, with a wild game breakfast sausage.
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Dude, I wish we still had some of that ground venison left! You're a week too late for that one! Maybe someone will grace me with some elk meat this week so I can try this, it sounds great!
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Thanks for the recipe...
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Sounds like a good recipe. I'll have to give it a try on some elk. Thanks for posting.
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Man that sounds really good and I have to do that when I get some more moose meat. NOT but It is a good recipe for some breakfast sausage in fact i made some last night for the stuffing for todays office party lunch or just another that the wifes office has found for me to cook something.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Hey chola, thats almost the same recipe I use - most excellent sausage, I agree! Biggest difference is that I generally grind up pork butt instead of bacon and mix it 50:50.

Caution: sage gets bitter when you freeze it, I recommend you cut the sage by half if you make enough to freeze. As the folks at SMF say, "dont ask me how I know that." :)
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I would use pork butt or boston butt, but the prices here are average $7.50 a pound and are never on sale...

Interesting about the sage...I will keep that in mind for sure..thanks for letting me know
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ouch - I can usually find butts for $1.50/lb, I almost always throw one on when the smoker's gonna be lit, I figure why not. Briskets are what kill me, $7-8/lb.
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