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Here tis:
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heres a few shots of the preperations
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thanksgiving morn
ham and turkey going into the smoker
what a cold day here might hit 85 sunny no cluds this early
pic taken around 7:30
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here is a shot of mine in the smoker yes that is the heart and neck will be munching on them soon.lol
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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I washed the turkey, let it drail in a strainer for a few, cut out the backbone, broke the breast bone, dried the bird with paper towels and cleaned up the loose ends. Then I applied EVOO and seasoning to both sides. I made a solution of stock, butter, lemon juice and seasoning that was injected into the breast, thighs, legs and wings.

Next on the list... start the fire.

Pics to follow.

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Im smoking a brined bone in breast, Brined overnight, rinsed, and is rubbed abd back in the fridge, just waiting for the first few puffs of smoke to appear on the GOSM before the turkey goes in. Its 6#, thinking about 3 hours +/-.

pics of the finished breast to floow later.
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murman that looks like a great bird, how bout a couple pics of how you cut it so we can learn to do that
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looks good id like to see pics on how the cuts are made also.Mine is sitting at 162 in the breast right now I figured 3-330 will post pics of process smoker and finished product after dinner.
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Mine wouldn't cooperate...

I couldn't resist...icon_mrgreen.gif LOL
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At the turn...

One hour into the cook and sprayed with apple cider.
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my entry

here is my entry 1 spatchcock 20lber

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Wow... 20 lbs. Looking good!
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finished smoked 6# breast. 3 hours start to finish after a 12+ hour buttermilk brine

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What are you guys doing for the turkey sandwiches?

I baked this 2-pound whole wheat loaf, popped it in just after the bird came out. Mmmmm... fresh wheat & molasses bread for that sliced turkey sammie......

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Done, 2 hours and 30 minutes. I thought the legs were going to fall off when I took it out of the smoker. It is resting and will be carved later. Mmmmm.

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I did a small bird (11lbs) on my Big Green Egg. It was cooked over indirect heat. Falvored by lump charcoal and shreds of seasoned Maple wood.
I made my own stock in the Lodge pot. It is fulled with celery, onion, carrot, two packages of turkey necks & innards, and fresh & dried herbs. It was simmering all day. This will make your house smell wonderful and more importantly be used in making the gravy.

Here is the bird rubbed down with a basil/garlic compound butter then coated with a store bought rub.

Just about time to pull it .......

Once the good stuff was collected & seperated from the drip pan, I wisked up a roux, added some drippings, and some of the (strained) homemade stock. I also pulled and finely diced a good amount of the tender meat from the turkey necks, threw that in to the gravy & I kept wisking .... this is what I got!

Here is the Golden bird resting .....

Overall, the family was extremely pleased. I was really proud of the results from the homemade stock. I saved every last bit for a later date and this weekends soup. Most of all, I am thankful for the time spent with my family! Hope you enjoy your time as well.
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Here's mine:

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Dang, I plumb forgot about this throwdown. I'm thinking that I'm out cause I smoked mine on Wednesday. icon_sad.gif

Here is the LINK to my "Turkeys on the Lady" thread.

Anyhoo-here we go-

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I posted mine in the other thread...
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Heres a 20#er. Brined and smoked with apple wood.

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