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turkey throwdown

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who's up for a turkey throwndown?

best qview wins?
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Hey MiamiRick,

I'm good for one. I'll go ahead and submit a pic of this week's bird for judging. Maybe you could enlist the new event committee to help organize. Sounds like fun.

Do you want to establish a sign to ensure that it is a pic from this week?
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Hey Ill sure try once I figure out the posting pictures thing

With all the family over not sure how quick I'll figure it out. When you want the pics in by
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Im in.Cant wait to see all the q-view
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i say we keep it simple,
Anyone who wants submits pics on thursday,friday and members can vote over the weekend while they watch ball

we should post a prep, on the smoker, final, and carved photos

One picture should have an item in it showing that it was actually done this thanksgiving, newspaper, football game shot, whatever

should be fun
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I'll give that a shot for sure. Now the idea doesn't nee to be a turkey If it does I can do that to but we're not having turkey we are having seafood (this is Florida the rulz are differant) boil but if I have to submit a bird I can do that too. PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Fill Me In???

Ok gang, what's a "Throwdown?"

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since i might be at the in-laws (no computer) here is my opening ante.
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alright silverwolf, turn the food network on and watch a little bobby flay

Simple competition, who's will look the best
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This thread or do we let the 'adult supervision' give us a Turkey Throwdown 2009 sticky?
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No Food Network

Sorry miamirick, no food network. Still laid off so I got rid of cable and put up an antenna to conserve. But, I got the picture: no pun intended.
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I'm in! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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didn't mean to offend silver, was just havin fun with ya
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Count me in too~~
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I'm in...so who's going to get second place? PDT_Armataz_01_41.gif
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If yall don't mind, I'll start a post where we can just post the pics?
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Smoker'd Lemon-basted Turkey:

Smoker'd Lemon-basted Turkey:

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whoever made that turkey needs a girlfriend real bad, wayyyyyy too much time on your hands
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What is the post going to be titled? I am in for this throwdown, and am already taking qview pics of prep. Please let me know where i need to have the photos posted to, and by when. Thanks!!!
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why dont we say pics need to be posted by friday and judging can be sat and sun
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