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Has anyone made pizza in their DOs?
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good question. I bet you it would be dynamite
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the kids were asking me the same question this last fall .... I have used this guys recipes in the past with no problems, I was gonna use this as a base with more of a 'meat lovers' topping for the kids.
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LM-----there are plenty of dutch oven pizza recipes at I probably cook in dutch ovens more than anyone that I know----but I am more of a historical reenactor. I have sampled pizza out of dutch ovens, and pizza cooked in a BGE, but I have never cooked it. The folks at are extremely friendly and helpful.

Leonard Sanders Chuck Wagon BBQ Co.
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Thanks guys! Appreciate your input.
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Yep, I did pizzas in the DO all the time when used to do DO demos.

Here is a trick that I used to make the pizza making thing more manageable. . .

Place the lid upside down on a lid holder or trivet over your briquettes, sprinkle corn meal on the lid before placing the pizza on the lid (helps in sliding the pie off the lid). Place the over turned DO on the lid and wrap a 2 inch strip of aluminum foil around the three legs and then add your briquettes for your top heat (the foil band keeps the briquettes from falling off). What you are doing is cooking in an upside down DO- looks funny but the folks stop laughing when they see and taste the final results.
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Very cool! I gotta try this out ....
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I second that motion......PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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