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Lang 84 in MN for $2000

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Seems like a good deal:
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Thanks for the heads up! PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Sounds like a nice rig some nice options
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The fella said he is meeting w/someone this friday ...... if that doesnt work, I'll drive out from MD and meet him ..... looks like I am just meant to buy one new i guess
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Id already be on the road, and tell him I was the guy he was gonna meet.
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I can drive up and look at it and take some pics for you if you would like me to, it's only about an hour away.
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Hopefully I can take you up on that ....... it sounds like it's spoken for

Thanks for the kind gesture
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Thats a great Dea.
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Lang 84 in Minnesota

I ended up buying that Lang 84. Works great.
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Congrats they are great smokers!!
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Congrats on a great smoker.
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Where are you from, if you have time click here and start a new thread and introduce yourself with a little info about you and your smoking experience

I found a used Lang 84 also and love it
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