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Quick Turkey Smoke Question...

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I going to do a test run on my first smoked bird. I have found what I think are some good recipes for a brine and a rub. In doing my research though, and even in this forum, I have come across some who say smoke breast side up, and other sources say breast side down. Does it matter? Just looking for some friendly info. I read where some swear by the juices running down into the breast when smoke breast side down. Any input?

Thanks & have a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving!
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The only time I smoke/grill/cook Turkey breast side down is in a pan with a lot of chicken broth, butter,wine,herbs,etc. in it - Does not make the prettiest bird but super moist and flavored breast meat.

Mostly I brine then smoke breast side up with great results. Ice the breasts prior to putting in the smoker.
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Do the breast need additonal ice if I brine them in a cooler with ice?
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Mine is actually going in at a slant though still breast up on the turkey cannon filled with apple juice and bourbon.
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I've always smoked em breast side up in a roaster on a rack. Never had a problem. Just baste as you would in an oven. The problem with asking a general question like this is, you are going to get 30 different opinions and explanations. try some, or experiment and find what you like. There is no set answer to your question.
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If you brine in a cooler then put the ice in ziplock bags etc....If you throw ice in the brine unbagged it will dilute your brine ratio......Very important to keep your liquid ratios correct in a brine for proper penetration....
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I have always done them breast side up and never had a problem, just give it a good brine or injection and spritz occasionally and you will be good to go.
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adding to the suggestions ...

Stand the bird up, if your smoker has the space.

Link to another thread where a fellow smoker did a 20# bird that way - LINK
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Breast up. I like mine standin on end as a personal choice. Best way is hangin in nettin, although most folks don't have the equipment fer that, although it can be done without the stuffin horn, just a bigger pain.
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I always smoke my birds with the breast up to the sky and I have always had good results that way too.
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