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I am really considering buying the 44241G2 44 inch model but the main point would be for cold weather. I have a masterbuilt now that has no issue in the cold but is on its last leg. Are there truly issues with this operating in cold weather??
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I've used my 44" when its in the 20s. No prob. I also have built a wind block for it. I have more trouble in the summer than in winter. I like using both burners, smokers heat is more even with both burners going. When it's in the 60s both burners on low temp gets up to 250. Im going to add a vent in the top to try and keep heat down around 220. SH 44" isn't perfect but hard to beat for its size.
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first post.  need a phone number for smoke hollow.  anyone help a brother out?

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Originally Posted by boozeandmeat View Post

first post.  need a phone number for smoke hollow.  anyone help a brother out?




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I have the older sams club version. It also would not get any lower than 230 degrees. I bought a Bayou Classic adjustable regulator, and replaced the factory one, i light the smoker , and leave the knobs on high, Then tune the flames down with the knob on the regulator until i get it set right, i have run it at 150 degrees smoking salt and honey. LOVE the smoker!

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Smoke Hollow 30164G LPG Smoker, 30-Inch

This is the model is similar to what I have at this time looking for a replacement burner. Not having much luck, does anyone have any suggestions. I have had this smoker for about 8yrs the box is so well seasoned. I do not want to start over again. 

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I echo the Bayou Classic regulator AND the wind screen (you may not need that).


I actually bought 3 regulators and use them on the hybrid grill and the Great Outdoors Smoky Mountain 34 inch vertical (15 years old-still going strong).


No problem in sub freezing weather.



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I have a PS4415 Smoke Hollow Pro 44" that I received last Christmas. This is the Sam's Club model with one door and dual drawer-type chip trays. I've been using it throughout the summer and as a newbie have been learning more about the smoker and smoking in general with each run. So far, I'm very pleased with it. It seems to hold temps well aside from the normal fluctuations that I've read most smokers go through early on as the meat is warming up. I like the window which allows me to see the meat as it progresses through the cook. That requires cleaning after each smoke so you can see through it next time, but water with Dawn dish soap cleans it pretty easily. I've read a lot about smoke leakage around the door, but mine seems very minimal. The door closes pretty tightly  and since there isn't a lot leaking through I'm not sure whether it's worth adding a gasket to the opening. As expected, the door therm is off by about 25*, but it doesn't matter since I use a Maverick 732.


The dual burners put out as much heat as I want but running both at once is too much for low and slow, so I just run one at a time. It maintains temps around 225* with just one burner at about 1/3. I don't know how low it can go, but haven't yet had a need for less than 225*. It doesn't use a lot of propane; a tank lasts me a long time even with a few 8-9 hour smokes. The chip trays are easy to take out for refilling. The tray handle stays cool and can be used without a glove, but the tray has a hinged cover that has to be opened to empty ashes and refill with chips. I use a pair of welder's gloves to handle the hot cover and tray... a recent discovery for me the newbie, but I'm sure most of the experienced guys here have been using 'em for years.


A couple issues: The chip trays are kinda shallow and the cover has to close all the way in order to get the tray into the track when putting it back in the smoker. Chunks won't fit, so you have to use chips. The bottom of the cabinet leaks a little bit of grease onto the ground; not a lot, but I I don't want drips on the driveway. I've put a boot tray on the ground and that catches most of it.


Overall, I'm happy with the smoker and would recommend it.

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I have a 2415 pellet smoker.  Cooks grrat, smokes ok, but not enough smoke.  Have tried playing with 'P'

settings, still playing...any suggestions...???

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Hello all,


I have the single burner version and am equally pleased with it.


To get around the chip/chunk tray problem, there are about 20 levels to set up the grate rails on. I moved the bottom rails just high enough to get to the wood pan. The water pan sits on that. Then I can put big chunks on it. Yes, I have to open the door to put more in but it recovers quickly.


For the drip problem, I bought some NEXT GEN Cement Boards (used as a base for pouring cement), got them at Lowes where the cinder blocks and cement are. I laid them on the back  porch where the smokers are. They are fire proof and protect the ground/concrete.

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I have the 44 pro series with the two chip drawers.. Used chips and small chunks with success but they last about 30 mins. chips, 45 mins chunks.  My question - Has anyone used pellets in the chip drawers and if so what were the results.

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I started out using chips, then splitting chunks to fit the tray.  I've used pellets the last few times and find that they last about as long as the others.  I've read about people using cast irons pans in place of the trays allowing larger chunks to be used.  I want to try that once I find cast iron pans that will fit well.

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Love mine. Use the propane for 200+ degree temps.


Put in 2 1500w hotplates for cooler temps, adjusting the temp on one or both, to keep temps under 200 degree.


When the weather is just right, just use the AMPNS for cold smoking cheese and bacon, no heat required.

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Good idea on the hot plates for low temp smokes in warm weather.


For smoke, get a couple of 12" pellet tube smokers from Todd at AMAZN...... You'll be good.

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Just purchased one cooking chicken in it now, gonna cook a turkey & ham for Christmas

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I just purchased the Smoke Hollow 44241G2 44-Inch Vertical LP Gas Smoker. Most reviews said it was a pretty good unit. Hopefully it will turn out that way. I'll update how it is once I use it a few times. If anyone already has it and had some tips I would be happy to hear them.
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Can't say much about your brand of smoker but I can tell you that all smokers I have seen that my friends are using have all defective or very inaccurate readings I started out with a couple Thermpen DOT's but have up-graded now to one of the finest you will find & that is a Thermo Works "SMOKE" dual sensor unit with a remote you can put in your pocket and walk around, have a beverage of choice or just lay it on the table beside you or what ever. It is extremely accurate & fast to send to the remote which has all items of warnings & monitor choices. Check the ting out on Meathead's Amazing Ribs site there are several reviews too.


Harold from the Beautiful Rogue River Valley/Grants Pass, OR 

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​I have found a great item for the floor if interested, go to your same store & buy a piece of Hardy Board not near as heavy & real easy to move about too. I even have a piece of it behind my Next Grill 2 burner I use on my covered deck so I can leave the grill real close to the porch rail & spokes. Have used it for a long time NO HEAT of any consequence gets to my railing. I also use a 18"square piece of it to put down on my concrete deck to put the chimney on when starting the wood chunks or briquettes so don't mark up my concrete & it's light to pick u8p after all cools down too.


Harold from Grants Pass, OR 

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After reading the reviews.... here and elsewhere, I decided to roll the dice on a Smoke Hollow 44.

A combination birthday and Christmas gift for me....a year-round reward for the family.

I upgraded from a Masterbuilt Pro dual fuel unit. I can't say enough about the Masterbuilt, wonderful "starter model, but alas, the bottom rotted out after 3 HEAVY use seasons.


Downside to the Masterbuilt is the SIZE... brisket, and ribs have to cut , in order to fit (bonus to cutting briskets in half... MORE barked edges...YUMMY)


Now, the Smoke Hollow.... I have had it a month, and have smoked, Ribs, Turkey, and Ham. each came out perfect.. Clean up a breeze... the unit has performed as advertised...

EXCEPT, as so many have noted, the chip pans warped....I replaced them with cast iron pans of similar size.

Thermometer on the door??? purely for decoration, I can not tell you what it reads

I have built a nice little shelter for the smoker, and my rill.... and will post more pictures after  this next project... 


Over all I rate the Smoke Hollow a solid 7.... maybe an 8. 

Perfect NO.... but I am not in position to spend thousands of dollars for a "professional" unit, and I am content being the best pittmaster on my block. the only ribbons I need, is the smiles on my friends faces, when they bite into my food


to the actual unit.

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I have the single burner unit. When you replaced the chip tray, did you just lay the cast iron pans on the "slide rail"?

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