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smoke hollow gas smoker

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i have noticeon here the high temps in the smoker and the needle valve mod ,i was wondering about the door ,does it seal good or is there mods for that too
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Is your door leaking alot or what is your concern with the door?? If you can take a picture of it then we might be able to help you out more. Hey it gives you another excuse if you need to smoke again.
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Good luck with the door mod.
Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your stay.
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Didn't particularly like the high temperatures mine registered regardless of what I tried. It just frustrated me to a point that I built an Upright Drum Smoker and now use that exclusively. Sold the Smoke Hollow.

Of course there are those on this sight who are expert in the use of their propane smokers and hopefully they will come along to offer some advice.

Take care, John
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I have a Smoke Hollow #3 and only test/seasoned burned it in last weekend. Hoping to do a fattie this weekend and will see how the temps are.

What's considered high temps?
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Most smokers will leak a little smoke frome the door and other areas, but not enough to effect the end product. Have you calibrated/compared therm readings? Some factory therms are way off, if so, replace.
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