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Morton Tender quick

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I was at Wally yesterday looking for morton tender quick salt to use in a brine. I ended up getting canning a pickling salt. I assume that i do not want to use that for brinning a turkey and pheasants? Where could i find tender quick at? Thanks.
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You don't say where you're from but in parts of the country TQ is hard to find. I get it at Albertson's grocery but haven't seen it at Wal Mart. You can also order it online at
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Actually if yer usin it fer birnin ya don't need the tender quick as it has cure in it as well. Unless ya wan't the cured taste course. I use strictly kosher salt fer my brines.
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If you are just brining the turkey for say 24 hours what you have is what you want. If you were curing that same turkey for like a week then TQ is in order.

Here's an all purpose brine:
1 gal water
1 cup salt
1/2 cup sugar
plus any other flavors you might want

brine times:
up to 15 lbs. 24 hours
over 15 lbs 24 to 36 hours

Hope this helps
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I'm like Tip on this one too I just use kosher salt in my brines maybe because he (travcoman 45) came up with the recipe I'm using.The tender quick is for making bacon and sausage and stuff that needs to be cured.
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I also had to search around for Tender Quick(probably 5-6 stores), finally found a bag last weekend at a meat market that specializes in making their own sausages.

now I am ready to do a capicola.

good luck, and call around is my only tip.
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Since its deer season here in Nebraska TQ is hard to find since a lot of guys make their own salami and jerky. When I brine I use pure salt. I think its Carey's brand. But any pure salt will do as long as it has no iodine and no anti-clumping compounds.
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You don't want TQ for brining unless you are curing and you must follow the directions. TQ contains nitrites and nitrates and used incorrectly can be unsafe. I use the Kosher Salt for brining. The intended use for TQ is to cure meat.
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I did a google search on morton tender quick and found that there was only 5 places in Denver that sold it. The closest was kmart 15 miles away.

Good luck
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Funny - I have been looking for TQ for several months in San Diego and LA stores so I just used the zip code look up as posted in this thread and it comes no stores were found . No wonder I can't find it locally. Guess I am ordering on line.
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