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BBQ Beef Lovers,

I've just recovered from a week of the flu and have not had a chance to do any smoke in almost 14 days. But getting back on the forum has made me very hungry and I thought I would post a couple picks of a recent chuckie I did.

It was a small 3-4# roast that turned out great. I ended up slicing it for the most part and saving the burnt ends for a wonderful lunch sandwich at work. I almost prefer a chuckie over a brisket and thats almost all we eat here in Texas!

Sorry for the quality... it is iPhone pics. Thanks, B.

Anyone else have trouble with not just eatin it all with fingers as you slice it fresh??? tongue.gif
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Pics look fine to me, nice smoke ring too!
Glad you are feeling better, smoke on!
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Looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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The qview is fine, nice smoke ring. I prefer a chuckie to a brisket too. Plus I can find them in the store easier.

Thats one thing about the H1N1 it would make a good diet plan, I ate almost nothing for over a week, now slowly getting my appitite back. Feels like someone drove a Mac truck over me while I slept. Glad your on the mend too.
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