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Buckboard Bacon

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Anyone no where I can get Hi Mountain Buckboard Bacon Cure in Minnesota or online where shipping is not more than the product itself?

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I find mine at sportsman wearehouse-if u have 1 of those or another outfitter around you.
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You can get it at Sausage Source...
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I haven't been able to get my hands on the kit from Hi Mountain locally either. I can get the LEM cure and I can get the Tender Quick. It works excellent making Buckboard. If you can get ahold of the cure, you can do the seasoning yourself.
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i looked all over for it around here found a lot of high mountain products but no bbb cure. so i just ordered it online and paid the shipping. i did order 3 boxs to cut the cost per batch down. seems to me well worth it. next time i will try to get a couple of friends involved and order more.icon_neutral.gif
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I lokked in Gander Mountain but I ended up ordering it online so maybe somplace else may carry it but the internet has it.
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We had 3 of them around here but all 3 closed last year that is where I used to get it but I just used my last box a week ago

The shipping is about $4.00 more than the product maybe I'll have to get 2 or 3 boxes to make it worth the shipping
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My mom and her husband live in Phoenix and there is a Sportsman's Warehouse 7 miles from there house, they went and bought the last 4 boxes and are shipping them to me $4.19 per box plus what ever it is to ship all the bags, they will throw away the boxes

So now I am good for 100 lbs of Buckboard Bacon
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I've always found the buckboard cure kit at Scheel's. If you have one of them nearby, give them a try.
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We do have one about 40 minutes away by our daughters place, I'll check next time we are over there.
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If you ever run out, try here:

In your town of Princeton----

605 La Grande Ave S
Princeton, MN

If that's no good, go to this link. These places are all supposed to carry it:

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I tried getting it at coborn's and they do not have it, I am going to talk to someone that orders stuff there and see if they can order it though
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Do you have a Fareway Grocery store, They carry Hi-Mountain Jerky seasoning maybe they can order it for you when they order their jerky seasoning and not have to pay shipping at all try Dunhams if they have a store close by
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