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[quote=Bearcarver;388519]I have enjoyed this discussion. I think it did me some good too:
I had a "Thermapen" on my Christmas list, but it was so expensive ($99) I changed it to a much cheaper "instant" thermometer. After reading the comments about the "Thermapen" on this thread, I changed my wish back to the Thermapen.

I would presume that was a wise decission.

Is that the best price out there?

According to their site, they still have gray, white, black & orange available @ $74.00+shipping.
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[quote=luvdatritip;388076]Thats fantastic..... Thanks for sharing.
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That sounds awesome. Don't forget with the probes, we aren't opening the door or taking the top off of our smoker nearly as much as you are. When my ET probe reads close to my desired temp, THEN I open my door and take an instant reading.

And you're right, you can't make a mechanical adjustment to a probe. That is exactly why I told you that since we know it is off by a few degrees, we can use our brain to make that calibration in our head... it's simple math really.
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Thanks Prof.,
I'm not taking any chances----I went ahead and ordered one.
I'll have to tell Santa to forget about that one.

The one that was $99 was the new "splash-proof one". I just won't splash this one.icon_smile.gif

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Bearcarver: I think you'll really like the Thermapen. It makes a great addition to what you're currently using to monitor your meat temps. Well worth the money, imo.

Racyb: As a matter of fact, I open the lid to my smoker less now then when I first started smoking meat. Recovery in mine is rather quick since I have a double heat sink in it. It's all good what ever method or what ever your choice in temp monitoring equipment happens to be. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you that have been following this thread. It's been funPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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