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wayyyy too much smoke

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just ruined two briskets i smoked all night long for my church group. using my new gosm. i also realized the therm was off by about 30 degrees, is that typical?? used mesquite, meat is so bitter i dont think i can serve it. it wont be served till tonite, think it may tone down a bit??
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I hope you did keep the exhaust vent open. I find mesquite to be a little on the strong side.
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When using the gassers or electrics you have to keep the exhaust vent wide open and only use lite smoke until they are at 140 which is usually in the first coouple hours. It is pretty easy to oversmoke in those types of units

Maybe try taking them to 200 internal in the oven, and pulling the meat. mix with a good finishing sauce?
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The therm on my GOSM is off about 40-50 degrees,

as for mesquite, I am not a big fan, I find it overpowers pretty much everything( I am a hickory, oak, apple, & cherry guy). But that is just my opinion.
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well they'll be chopped for sandwiches so i'm hoping with some sauce they'll come out ok. i left the exhaust half open, so there's one problem. come to think of it last time i used mesquite on anything but chicken or turkey it came out too strong. i'm just more carefull with poultry when it comes to smoke i guess. it's my wifes favorite, so i go easy on the smoke. also the gosm puts out a little more smoke than my mes did. i should have known better.icon_rolleyes.gif
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I run my top vent on my GOSM about 1/4 open.....but I quit using small chips/chunks, and have taken to using the biggest chunks I can find, and fit into the chip box that came with the smoker, I can get about 1.5-2hrs of thin blue, I found that the smaller chips are hard to keep the smoke thin and blue, the gosm is an awesome smoker, you just have to figure out what makes her purr.....Sorry about the brisket, I think you are on the right track with the bbq sauce/pulling, but time will only increase the smoker flavor, maybe try trmming the bark off and then pulling, the bitter taste comes from the creosote that has collected on the outside of your meat.
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