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2nd try...

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decided to go all out for the second brother found out and tossed on his own tri tip...
name that meat...
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You do have that loaded up don't ya. Looks great, wish I was there to help put some of that away.
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the top rack was bowing...
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What a feast - nice job
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Welcome aboard, looks like you have things well in hand.
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Welcome to the SMF. Enjoy your stay.
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Man, that looks good! Thanks for posting, Keith. Ya got an extra plate??biggrin.gif
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The banquet of my eyes.
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Welcome, Glad to have you with us. This is the place to learn, lots of good info and helpful friendly Members.

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Everyone here enjoys seeing the Qview so be sure to post plenty of pics...

Large ones that us old people with bad eyes can see.

When you uploading to Photobucket I always use the Large IMG setting, 640 x 480 it is a nice size...

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Wow excellent job
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Howdy & Welcome!
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Nice start, I'd love some of that sweet corn on the cob.

Even my bro is welcome if he brings meat. tongue.gif
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Ok then I'll try to answer your question. First I see two tri tips and then It looks like a couple of really big chuck roasts and then I'm not to sure but chicken or turkey thighs then you have the vegis of potatoes and corn (sweet) and the something in the foil I would only hope for a head of garlic maybe that would make for some really good flavored butter. Let me know how I did ok.
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2 trip tips, one pork loin roast, one smaller pork shoulder, nine chicken thighs, 12 potatoes and seven pieces of corn...

gotta try the garlic the next time...sounds like a winner...
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