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Ribeyes, Modern Caveman Style: q-view

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No cold smoke/sear tonight as I didn't even have time for that trick...oh well...just a really quick after work grilling session for the family, after coordinating via cellular from work with my wife for the rest of dinner, and to get these beauties thawed out in time.

They got put into my outdoor kitchen fridge lastnight, straight from the grocer, as we were out of room inside. The fridge thermo reading was 15* lastnight, so I had the kids lay the packs flat accross the bottom of my 102 quart cooler outside at noon today...ambient temps peaked at 38* today and it thawed them out perfectly by 5:30 when I got home.

Just starting to heat up over coals...seasoned with Canadian Steak Seasoning:

Almost, I'M HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Medium, a bit too done for me, but still tender and juicy, served with Twice-Baked Idahoes and sautee'd mushrooms:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah, that's the ticket! I feel much, much better now.....

I won't be able to do outdoor cooler thaws for very much longer though...winter is almost here...had about 1/2" of white stuff overnight again. I could have stored/thawed them in my new 4.5 cu ft fridge...that is, if it wasn't nearly stuffed with my days-off smokin' meats...corned beef packer brisket, 22.5# turkey, 12# chix sausage and 3.75# round tip curing for jerky...hmm did I forget anything? Oh, about 3/4 case of ice cold soda! biggrin.gif

Catch ya on Tue/Wed for some SERIOUS smokin' fun!

Thanks all!

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That steak looks med rare to me. Great looking, we shared one last night.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good, my eyes are okay! icon_wink.gif Good lookin' steaks Eric!
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Thanks Ron. I had a typo there...wrote med/well, meant med. My cellular cam is pretty touchy about the white balance settings (auto isn't the best way to go either), and it's only 2.0 Mp instead of the 4.0 digi-cam I'm used to. The colors aren't always 100% true, but it's pretty close. I take pics every chance I get just to keep leaning about how it likes to shoot 'em. Tonight was another practice run.

Thanks, yep, your eyes are fine! LOL!!!!!!

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Great looking meal - ribeyes are my favorite steak. Nice looking shrooms too
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Nice looking steaks! I could handle one of those.
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Very nice. I've been craving ribeye.
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Very nice , yep from the color that came out in the pic I'd find it a little too done for me but still quite yummy.

Modern Caveman style..... So you work for Gieco then??
so easy a caveman could do it.

Damm that looks good along with that baked Potato.
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Nice meal and the steaks look Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Oh yeah, great lookin steaks!!!!!!!! tongue.gif
I love rib eyes and eat them more often then most people eat hamburgers (3 to 4 times a week) cause I got a good supplier (a rest. owner/friend) and the price is right for a whole prime rib and then I slice it into 1 1/4 inch boneless steaks....mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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yum yum, ribeyes my fav
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Delicious looking steak, and it you did proper justice by adding some shrooms on top.
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If it has to do with steak you cann't get anything around Ron. He's the expert here on steak.
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Now I am Too!!! looks great Eric
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LMAO!!! It just seemed an appropriate thread title...plain ol' hot coals to cook over, only I didn't stick the meat with a tree branch to hold it over the fire...heh-heh!

Thanks guys! I was just playin' around with the cell-cam...getting a better idea about lighting conditions and settings so I can post up better pics...mostly got it figured out now. The color shades are really tricky to get right.

Couldn't resist a little teaser to share with my forum buddies! icon_mrgreen.gif

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