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Smoked turkey with plenty of Qview

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Just a start of the turkey day smoking/cooking for a great holiday. Both turkeys are brined with Tip's hillbilly brine for overnight as needed.
Then one turkey had the legs, thighs, and wings removed for the breast was all that was needed. That was for a older lady friend of the wifes that cann't get out much. That bird was rubbed with a rubs from "The Dude Abides" That one was Fat Boys rub and the other bird was rubbed with the Gates Famous KC rub.

The wings, legs, and thighs were rubbed with both of the rubs and some other spices as you can see here. One of the sets was cured with tender quick and let to sit for about 4 hours while everything else was in the smoker. Not the bread mix

In the smoker for about 3-3 1/2 hours and looking nice and golden. I used alittle of the brining water was mixed into the water pan for some added spices as it evaporates

The finished bird allowed to rest for an half an hour and looking good.

Here's plated wing parts with some sage sausage stuffing and some pasta salad.

Thanks for watching me smoke the food. Enjoy we did.

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Very nice mark.Your plate for dinner has 3 of my favorite things on it...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Really nice color beautiful actually. How were the Tender Quick ones?
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hoping my turkey Thurs looks half as good as that...haha..Looks excellent!
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Man, I can't wait for Wednesday when we fire up both smokers (a turkey and a brisket)! Looks great Mark!
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Ron I ate both (the plate in the picture) of the wings my best parts and I perferred the cured over the just rubbed and smoked. It seemed to have given the meat alittle deeper flavor and a little kick not spicey but a more intence flavor. Now thanks to The dudes (jay) abides for the rubbed there were really good but the BBQ sauce "the big daddys" is out of this world if you see them pat them amongs the head and shopulders for me too. So I'm glad you guys and girls out there iin the great smokey land enjoyed the Qview.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Wow, those birds look spectacular! Very nice color, skin looks really good. Nice plate, feel like driving a to-go box down to Gainesville for me??
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Definitely some fine looking birds! Thanks for the pics.
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Great Looking Birds Mark...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Great color on the birds. I was just wondering, did you incorporate the Tender Quick with your rub? What was the amount? Thanks....
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I love turkey, good work
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Looks great! POINTS!!! what temp did you run the smoker?PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifpoints.gif
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Great Job Mark !
Just as I would have expected.
Slurp, ooops excuse me.icon_redface.gif

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Yes I did incorporate the pther spices that you see with the tender quick and it made a fine rub and for some taste eating also. The smoke was kept at about 275-290 most of the time though out the smoke. Thanks to all and to all a good turkey day too.
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