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Prime Rib Dry Aged W/Qview

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It started here last week.

Smothered in Youshida's, gran garlic, and lemon pepper.

Drip pan with 3 cups beef broth and some onions.

In the smoker at 225' with hickory.

More to come, wish me luck!

Thanks for watching.
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Delicious Ron. Yoshida's should hire u for their pitch man.
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Looking good ron.She really lost some water weight.I did a roast in oven i dry-aged 5 days tonite...Man was it beefy and tender....
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Yes it did lose some weight, makes you wonder how it can be tender and juicy.

Did you post it Alex?
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I forgot to take pics.First time for everything...PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif

I think because i did it in the oven i was out of the routine of keeping camera near the smoker....
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ALEX, forgot the pics? Do that again and we have to revoke your OTBS status, just kidding man.
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Looks Great Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Have you thought of searing the beef before smoking? When I oven cook aged rib roast I have it in the oven as hot as possible for about 1/2 an hour - searing the outside, then cool the oven right down to about 225c (leaving the door open) and then roast low and slow. Adds an extra level of flavour. Smokes out the kitchen a bit during the sear though.

Just need more succesful smokes to persuade the powers that be risk a rib roast on the smoker!!
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Yes that is a good method., I did that last night only reversed, I seared after the smoke.

Pics coming later after batteries charge up.
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Looks like a winner Ron, you've got me all excited waiting for the finished pics...
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I'm with the rest of the people here awaiting the finishing pictures. I know your do a great job there Ron.
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Did you carve off the outer dried edges? I ask because it doesnt look like it, or I'm amazed at the color if you did.

If you didn't I thought that was an important step, but I could be wrong.
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Ron, that looks outstandingly good from here! Wowee, good job so far~ need some finished sliced pics, some tasty-taste feedback from you. What did you think?
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I trimed off what I thought was needed not much though.

Ready for a sear.


All done.

Carol was waiting for a snack.

A little smokey aujus.

My plate for later with the lonely bone.

A slice for Carol tonight.

This is the other half of a roast that was tough last time. This one was very juicy and tender, and I would say worth the trouble. Since there was no side by side taste test I had nothing to compare it to.

Thanks for the interest and following along.
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