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LOADED SMOKER!!!! Tri Tip, Lamb, Fatty's, Abt's w/qview

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So after waking up to 30mph winds and a blizzard of snow... We are now looking at 50 degrees outside, with the sun shining and no wind! Welcome to Boise Idaho weather!!!! It's as if the smoking gods came down and smiled upon us for this amazing concoction of artery clogging, heart attack inducing deliciousness that now lays before us blanketed in a thin blue quilt of Pecan and mesquite. Smoking to me is all about the adventure. This adventure is one of great friends, good beer and wonderful meat!! Today, my best friend from Montana..(Heliboydoesbbq) Is here in town to smoke with me today, and also for thanksgiving.
We have on the smoker,... Two Tri Tips, Two fatty's. (One Mole chicken enchilada in sage sausage. One buffalo chicken in maple sausage.)
Two racks of lamb. ..we ate the loin last night. 14 abt's and the fatcap off of the loin, positioned right above the fatty's on the smoker to render its treasures on top of the fatty's,
Now for some eye candy!!

The tri tip after a night of pickapeppa marinade

a slew of ingredients for todays smoke. Some are still in the fridge and not in this photo.

Heliboydoesbbq Pre heating my smoker. We were anxious to get it up to temp, and it was COLD!!! Worked great by the way!!!

Tray of abt's, one rack of lamb and lamb fatcap.

Two fatty's. MMMMMMM.... bacon makes everything better!!!!

The almost full smoker. I would say i have room for a pork soulder on here still too!!!
More to come as the day progresses.... unless the barley gets to us. But hey, thats half the fun on days like this!!!
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Man keep up the Q-VIEW.I love lamb....and everything else you got rolling.....PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I was awakened at 6am with wind and hail... and thought we were going to build an addition to the house to make this smoke happen... BUT it all ceased and the sun came out.. Beaut!... so its on and the fun had just started! The Lamb Racks were great last night... rolled in a herbacious mix of fresh oregino, Thyme and orange Confit.. served on polenta with a tomato green bean bed. ! So the Lamb Racks are missing the Tenderloin BUT there is plenty of meaty bits still attached to the ribs to SMOKE! .. the Fatty piston is a great tool to the fattay makers aresnal BUT I still think that the purists will keep the rolling challenge alive !!

Yeah that propane torch was fun...


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Looks like a great start! I can't wait to see the next batch of pictures!
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try it

lamb and goat are great---PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
try someicon_cool.gif
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Everything looks great but I would liked to have seen the lamb. We love the lamb in this house. You really did have a full smoker and I'm sure you will have some very happy people very soon with very full bellies.
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Sorry mballi.. most of the lamb was consumed last night and not smoked.. what we are smoking is the racks, minus the loin. That was cooked last night by Heliboy. Were basically just rendering the fatcap inside the smoker for added flavor to everything else in the smoker.
Here is a current pic. Tri's are stalled out at 143 with what i assume is about 2 hours left. More pics to come soon!!!
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A Feast Fit For A King...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Last night was indeed a feast fit for a king!!!! Here are a few pics of the finished product. It was all incredible!!! Again.. I have steaked my claim as the biggest fan of local fresh tri tip!!!
Please keep your drool to a minimum...

The abt's, the um... lamb ribs?? and the fat cap. I'm not a fan of lamb. This all turned out great though!!! It was leftovers from friday night at heliboys pseudo inlaws. Where we ate the loin. DELICIOUS!! I will post more pics in a minute. I dont want to overload this first page with qview. I will put up the rest as soon as i can get the posts above 10 to start a new page.
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Here are the last few pics of the fatty's and the tri tip. Hope you enjoy!!

Fresh off the smoker

Mole chicken enchilada. Was Delicious!!! Great mix of sweet and salty.

Buffalo chicken Fatty. Cant go wrong here!!

Choices... choices....

Juicy tri tip after a 30 minute rest.

sooooooo gooooooood......

Ready for sandwiches.
Hope you all enjoyed this episode of This Old Smokehouse. See you next time!!
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