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Planning Next Years Garden: Herbs Spices?

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Hi all,
I'm planning next years garden and was wondering what Herbs and Spices I can grow here.
I live in east-central Ohio. There is nothing that tastes better when you use fresh grown. I'm talking all herbs and spices; paprika, cayenne, mustard, etc. (if I can even grow these here). Any info will be greatly appreciated.

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You should have no trouble at all with basil, cilantro, parsley- oregano and thyme take some work even down here. Jalapenos, cayennes, thai dragons are all hardy plants that grow easily. Try giving the nearest University extension Ag Center they can give you location-specific hints and advice. Soon enough ALX will drop by, he is the gardening expert. Give him a PM.
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Sure will. Thanx Rivet.
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You can grow Dill, Rosemary and Sage also you can grow Horseradish & Garlic...
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when is it best to plant these in the northeast?
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I wish I could grow something Now I have a hard time with the spices I'm tring to grow now like basil, (looks good) rosemary (it's a weed I think) cause it's not dead, tyme (still alive), Oregano (still there too), Chives (still going) but that about all I can manage to keep on the porch.
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Year Round Spice & Herbs?

To plant a garden, I try to get it planted in April but then I have to watch for frost.
My wife just talked me into building her a shelf in front of a window that gets some sun and shade. She says that spices and herbs do better in pots and that we can grow them year round inside. I'm going to trust her on this one cause she has a very green thumb. But, she's from Az and like me doesn't know what will grow here best in Ohio.
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Great advice John.I sent you a p.m. silverwolf.You should be able to grow all you mentioned-i do...I keep a daily log last 20 years and i have a good average of frosts etc....It also allows me to remember what works etc...The university extensions are great and ohio state is a good one....
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Thanx All

Thanx for your replies. I've always used store-bought spices but I want to try home grown. I know there will be a difference.
Thanx again gang.

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what town u live in sw,i was raise in morgan county
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