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Lodge Logic Cast enamel pot and pans

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I have always like using cast for cooking. I was looking at the lodge logic enamel sets the other day, enamel inside and out. Does anyone have any of these pans? I would like any input on them.
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Good lord man.I think my cheapest was 200 bucks years ago.You can not have a veggie garden etc.. and do meat stews like i do without ...

Lodge is my bread basket.Photos to come.I have a very extensive D.O. collection,but give me a break.Ceramic/enamel none too cheap either... is top notch brother.........LODGE that IS..

Finest i have ever used!!!!!!!
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Hey Alex. My wife was looking at the caphalon stainless and the allclad. It seems though that no matter what she uses, food always sticks, the handles come loose over the years and so on. I looked at the lodge logic all enamel ones at cabelas a while back. You think they would be a good investment?
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Todd.Yes Sir Re-Bob.I mean i have 2 sizes of the stew pots and theyn are freaking unbelievable.Not for everybody,but these things are lifetime and just high quality.I look at them like a quality rifle/firearm.

Let me see what i got in photobucket,but you can do some damage with this fine cookware.....I dont take camping so to speak.I dont take my many high end cookware either way.
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you have the enamel ones?
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This is a chuck roast in one i own.Beggining of a fine pot roast...

That was done in the lodge.I do a mean beef carbonate.Great freking stuff man.Not cheap,but i cook alot my friend..........
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Very nice. How is it as far as non stick? I guess any pan will burn and stick if you dont watch it, but how are the lodge pans?
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very good on non-stick,but cab burn things in...
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LOL. Thanks Alex. I am going to try talking the wench, I mean the wife into them. I think they look great. Shes kinda stubborn, 1/2 polish 1/2 russian ya knowbiggrin.gif. AKA, the angry idiot. I just think she has that mindset of the old days and cast iron.
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by the way, what are you doing up at this hour? Its like 3:30 where you at isn't it?
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Yep...going trolloing for rockfish in 1 hour.Be back by 9 a.m.Love living on the water.First time fishing on the bay all year.I am freaking wired.
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Going fishing? I hate you.....
I'm in the middle of a great big corn field right now, drying corn on a commercial grain operation for my neighbor.
4 million btu corn dryer running 24/7. So far, we have went thru 7000 gallons of propane with 25,000 more to go.

I'll trade ya LOL
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Is that animal corn or human/flour..I wanna skate on the bay for first time in 15 years...Need some ICE...

This water is not what it was....Farmer at heart myself...........
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About 500 Acres are GMO (genetically modified) corn.
500 Acres are organic. This guy is a huge organic farmer here. They also raise organic beef, the begian blue breed. They needed help this year is running the night shift here so I told them that I would be more than happy to help.

He gave me permission to hunt their land this year. About 50 acres of hardwoods and 100 acres of set aside land with food plots on it. Sometimes it just pays to be nice LOL.
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We also have similar type pots here

and they are great for making stewsPDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

they are heavy and robust
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OH yeah, those are Le Creuset. Very nice pots. My mom has had hers for over 30 years and still going strong. I wonder if they make fry pans and such.
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if you click on the link
near the bottom of the page there pans
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I have a Lodge enamel dutch oven, and it's one of the best "bang for the buck" it's also recommended by cook's illustrated.

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Lodge Enamel-on-Cast-Iron 6-Quart Dutch Oven

From Cook's Illustrated.
Product Name Lodge Enamel-on-Cast-Iron 6-Quart Dutch Oven
Manufacturer Lodge
Model Number EC3D33
Price $49.99
Recommendation Status Recommended
Testers’ Comments Crafted from enameled cast iron, and like the Tramontina produced glossy, deeply flavored Belgian beef stew; fluffy white rice; and crispy French fries in the test kitchen. But the Tramontina oven's larger capacity (6.5 quarts to the Lodge's 6 quarts) and even lower price made it our preferred choice.
Materials Enameled cast iron
Capacity 6 qt.
Diameter 10 3/4"
Weight 16 lbs.
Read Full Review



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I use my Red Pot (Lodge) alot ... here are some quick pics of soups, stews, chix bake, and a sautee. The sauce will some times bake on to the pot sides just above the main contents .... see the beef stew photo ... this scrubs off easily. The kids know something good is coming when I break out the "Red Pot". It is Lodge, but the last I read, I have found the porcelain Lodge products are manufactured in China. I do not have a problem with this, I just bank (hope) on Lodges strict quality control inspections are in place with these imported units too. I like mine very much and would suggest buying one to anyone looking.

Chicken bake:

Soon to be black bean soup:

Getting ready for something!?!?!?!?
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