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I'm just gonna start smokin a extra pack of cigarettes so that I don't die from the cure in my sausage.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif...lmao...sorry I couldn't resist my selfbiggrin.gif
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Insta Cure (Prague Powder) #1 contains 6.25% nitrite per pound of salt.
It MUST be used to cure all meats that will require smoking at low temperatures. It may be used to cure meats for fresh sausages (optional).

Insta Cure (Prague Powder) #2 contains 6.25% nitrite and 4.00% nitrate per pound of salt. It must be used with any products that do not require cooking, smoking or refrigeration and is mainly used for products that will be air cured for long time like: Country Ham, salami, peperoni, and other dry sausages.
Instacure1 is not interchangeable with Instacure 2 and vice versa.

Tenderquick contains .25% nitrite .25% nitrate per pound of salt.

Each of these products are method specific and should be used according to product instructions.

Here is a link to the website I got this info from.

"There was also a link that when nitrates were used to cure bacon and the latter one was fried until crispy, it helped to create nitrosamines. But the required temperatures had to be in 600 F range and meats are smoked and cooked well below 200 F so even this fact has no bearing on the use of nitrates in meats.
Those findings started a lot of unnecessary panic in the 1970s about harmful effects of nitrates in meat on our health. Millions of dollars were spent, a lot of research was done, many researchers had spent long sleepless nights seeking fame and glory but no evidence was found that when nitrates are used within established limits they can pose any danger to our health."

Full article. Nitrates safety concerns.
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Yea what he said

Yea what Pig said....good job Pig and points.... points.gif
Im going for a fresh Rum and Coke go easy on the Coke....Ya know how much sugar that Coke has in it....?
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Thanks for the links Dave, that's where I was headed when I started posting this morning but I couldn't find the backup references, so I thought i'd stur the pot looking for what you posted...points to you bud.
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Make sure you put some T.Q. in the pot and stir wellPDT_Armataz_01_05.gif.....
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Thank you all for the info.
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