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Bottom round roast 1/4" thick. Your butcher will slice for you

Marinate / cure for at least 36 hrs. Set smoker to 165. Give jerky smoke for 4 hrs. Then dry at 165 until your likeness.
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Has anyone ever smoked jerky In a fish smoker if so some tips please
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I am currently drooling, these all look and sound so good. Getting ready to prep, soak and cure my eye of round. Can not wait to get it done!! So glad I found this site and all the useful yummy ideas!!!
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3#   Eye of round, or bottom round roast (sliced with the grain 1/4" for tender jerky, against the grain for chewy jerky) then cut in strips


3/4 - C Low Sodium Teriyaki Sauce


1/4 - C Low Sodium Soy Sauce


1-1/2 t Garlic Powder


1-1/2 t Onion Powder


2 t - Black Pepper (salad / course grind)


2 T  Brown Sugar


1 t   Ground Cayenne (Omit if you don't like a small kick, or reduce or add to your heat level)


1 t  Cure #1 (prague powder) pink salt etc.. VERY IMPORTANT!!! can be purchased at



Marinate/Cure meat in fridge for at least 24 hours up to 36.  Set smoker at 165, since this is a low and slow smoke process it is very important to have Cure#1 in marinade.  I place my jerky strips on bradley racks and smoke with apple/cherry mixture for about 4 hrs.  At this point you can kill the smoke and continue to dry in the smoker at 165 or transfer to a food dehydrator or oven until your desired doneness,  This stuff doesn't last long in my house......myself, wife, and kids LOVE it!


I usually vacuum seal what hasn't already been gobbled up or put in ziplocks.. Will keep about a week room temp.

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That is identical to what I did yesterday except I don't have the cure #1 yet had a package of seasonings and cure together. I am in love with the lawrys teriyaki marinade as a base. Didn't put any cayenne in the first batch cause kids don't like it even remotely warm. But once I add the seasoning and cure to mine the smell changed and didn't smell so good so I only did half of the meat I case it turned out to be gross. Also I like my jerky to have a bit of sticky sweet feeling and flavor on the outside of it so I didn't drain and dry mine before putting it on, some of the pieces charred and died within the first hour and 15 mins or so. So need to figure out a few more things by the pieces that didn't die were pretty yummy 😊
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So one more question, the package of seasoning cure I got said to soak for 6 hours?? Should I have left it for longer than that? It got about 8 cause I really wanted to get some done. The house is completely barren of jerky and I may be having some withdrawals lol
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And yet another question geeze thought I pretty much new what I was doing but keep thinkin of stuff lol So I prefer my jerky soft, chewy, pliable, sweet and a lil spicy. Beings that the cure is supposed to kill off the bad stuff is there and reason I can't pull it while it's still somewhat soft??
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Does your cure have sodium nitrate?  I would think you would be fine if you followed package instructions?  Also, slice with the grain for a more tender piece of jerky and against the grain for chewy. 

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I don't drain the marinade, I simply take bowl from fridge and place jerky strips directly on bradley racks and transfer to smoker.  165 degrees for about 4 hours. Then I transfer to food dehydrator set at about 165 until done.  You want the dark color on outside but not completely dry.  If your cure has sodium nitrate in it, you should be fine.  Be cautious and safe. 

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Yes it did have the right cure in it I just couldn't fine the cure by itself, it was in the seasoning. Made a tad on the salty side but I'm a salt fan so it's good to me. I just like it still on the pink side, as I like my steaks a little past rare but wanted to make sure I wasn't gonna make anyone sick.
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Hey guys I'm new to but here's some things that I do . All I have is an outdoor fireplace that I converted into a smoker.. I use the snake charcoal method with wood chips on top. It always keeps it around 120 to 150 for about 4 to 6 hours might be different if you're using a charcoal grill but works for me here's some pics..[IMG][IMG]
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