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Hate to be so obvious - but CHECK YOUR BATTERIES!

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I've seen folks complain that their remote thermos ain't working unless they have line-of-sight.

My Maverick ET-73 works well all over the house. Walls are no obstacle, and it works on the 2nd floor and in the basement.

That is, if I have good batteries in the unit.
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Just slightly off subject but slightly on.
My probe, I never take the battery out, it runs 24/7 and has been sitting with the smoker for about 4 months now, running off the same original AAA battery, I'm letting it go until the things finally needs a battery to see how long it will run.
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I just bought a pack of triple As for my two units in prep for Thanksgiving's turkey and brisket!
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I always keep plenty of spare batteries in all sizes...
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I like to turn mine on in the house knowing the temp indoors.I got serious about fresh batteries when i started competing.They can last few years etc...but good heads up for folks-when they go they give bad readings and the amateur may not no...........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gifI never trust the remotes personaly....
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Yu...ppp al....wwwwwwwwwers t..t...hhhh bbbbaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaatttteriessssssssssssss sssssssssss!
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lol...............the bunny is your friend...they keep>>>>>
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Best and greenest thing to do is buy a few packs of different size rechargeable batteries. They cost a little more to start with but are quickly worth the little extra.
Have a few sets of rechargeable, 3 chargers and use 3 Xbox remotes (2 360 and 1 streaming from the PC into the TV), 2 guitars, 3 remotes, cd player and FM transmitter in the car, probe for smoker and a few hanging wall clocks and haven't bought a battery in over 2 years after the original rechargeable ones.
And they use minimal energy to recharge.
Most recent electric bill with computer and a few other electronic devices on 24/7 and the other stuff during the day, $134 this month-not bad at all, and batteries can get pretty expensive if you have to keep buying new.
just my bit of info.
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Bad attempt at humor! Some days your off! biggrin.gif
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Don't usually have this problem. I put fresh batteries in my therms everytime I smoke. Can't remember to turn them off and they must use alot of power.
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I wish it was this easy. Mine can't even go through a sliding glass door with fresh batteries.

I tried the recharging thing but the charged batteries have such a short life that it wasn't worth it. I was so excited when I first got it, but quickly got bummed out with the short charge life. Maybe I just got a bad charger, sounds like you're having good luck.
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