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Smoking some.........

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Me and the fam tried our hand at natural casing today. I have never used naturals before, always collagens. I was very impressed with how tough they actually are. I thought they would be VERY delicate but we had no problems. Here are some pics. We made about 30lbs of summer sausage and 25 of polish kielbasas(spice pack from butcher packer). Now they are in the smoker and we shall see how they turn out. thanks for lookin

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Man that looks sweet..........PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Man those look good and I like your sausage smoker too. I will start my sausage making career very soon maybe tonight too. I Want to use my old GOSM with a hot plate for a smoker for the sausage and maybe bacon that is also in my future. Now I see why your up for the OTBS title very soon.
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I had a dream about that sausage smoker last night,,,, Now I gotta build it... Funny you had never used natural,,,, I have never used colegen... Least not for links,,,
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That's some fine looking sausage! Looking forward to the finished pics.
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Thanks you will love the homemade stuff. It kills me if I have to buy store bought nowadays.LMAO...I'll help out as much as possible. I will never go back to the colognes for kielbasas and such.they are at 107 right now...tic-toc
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looks great , but 55 pounds ....holymoly that a lot
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Dang that looks great! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Those look like they are off to a great start!We almost always use natural casings.We did up 25 lbs italian venision last night with the natural casings,goooood stuff!
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Rite fine lookin sausage! Hey if yer makin a mess, might as well get a big batch goin!PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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That what I figure...About 15 more degrees then they come off.
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I have about 25 lb in right now,,,, I strayed from my normal set the temp to 200 and pull at 150. I had read about everyone starting the temps low then bringing up,,, I am at 8 hr now and have some at 125 yet,,, Think I will revert back to the 200 from the start.

Yours look real good.. Love a good sausage smoke.
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How does your fat do at those temps????
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Man, you sausage experts never cease to amaze me with your work.
Great job and nice looking sausages! I can almost taste them PDT_Armataz_01_01.gif

Did I mention how much I love your avatar of Walter and Donny? Well I do, awesome movie and Walter is bad A**

You're entering a world of pain...Shomer Shabbos!
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Looks like an A+ to me.
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This is venision summer sauasge, Very little if any fat in it. I know makes it a bit crumbly but we like it that way
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Thanks..lol...it was either him or Jesus
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Jiminy that is some beautiful food right there. Nothing better than home-made! Boy do I want to try my hand at sausage making....you guys really make it look so easy and tasty too. I know it isn't, but then you all are pro's!
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Thanks Rivet I am stunned you don't make your own. I just figured you did with all the cooking you do.

these last 10 degrees are killing me. Just went and snapped some photos. they look good can't wait till they are done.

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Dang those look good... Great Job...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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