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I have question about turkey and pork

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Hi everyone I hope yall have a great Thanksgiving. On Wednesday I plan on smoking the turkey but I would like to put some pork butts on. I am trying to figure out the times and temps. Should I just smoke all of it like I smoke the prok butts?
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the time will be less on the turkey, of course. Just make sure the poultry isn't above the pork. Pork drippings won't hurt the if pork drippings could hurt anything (except my bloodwork)
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turkey doesn't take as long as pork about 275-300 deg is a good temp with this you can figure around 40 min a lb however you should be going off of meat temp 165 at thickest part of breast
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Since your smoking it the day before I personally think I'd smoke at 225-250 and not worry about the crispness of the skin.
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I would just smoke them both together at about 240-250 and just put the butt in first and then the bird. The butt should be in about 2 hours before depending on the size differance (in lbs) of the butt to the bird. So just remember that the butt will need to rest for atleast an hour or more in a dry cooler. So do the math and then you will know when to put in what or at the same time.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Thanks for the replies I think I got it. The temps where throwing me off.
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Let the poultry drip on what ever. The "bugs" won't survive above 140 degrees anyway.
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Many of us smoke poultry at higher temps 275-350 depending on who it is to get the skin crispy. Others will finish the bird in an oven or on a grill to crisp the skin and yet others don't care about the skin and will smoke low n slow. Personally when re heating I never seem to be able to crisp the skin to my liking so if I'm smoking ahead I don't worry about it and go low n slow to get more smoke flavor
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