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Sweet Potato Rolls and Piggy's in Blankets

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Getting a jump on Thanksgiving.These Rolls are good and sorta that turkey day color...

1 sweet potatoe cooked

4 1/2 teasoons active yeast.Here it is ready.

2 eggs,3 tablespoons sugar,3 Tablespoons butter,some salt.MIX

Add the mashed sweet potato

Add 3 cups unbleached flour-little at time

Knead and i cover 5 minutes

Little olive oil to prevent skin drying and let raise 1 hour untill she doubles in size

Divide in 1/3 pieces and make 24 balls

Let em rise another hour covered

Bake at 375 degree 15 minutes or done.I used a egg wash on top.
The pan on right was 10 minutes baked and will be frozen then reheated on turkey day.

Did some franks minnie peckers in pillsbury dough.Used some different rubs on half.

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I really like the idea of the sweet potato rolls! Thanks for Sharing ALX! points.gif
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Nice alex...I haven't made thos forever..thanks for the memories
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Now those look great and I bet alot of the kids here would just love those for sure. Thanks for the recipe.
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Man, Alex those look great, thanks for sharing, I can almost taste them nice and warm with butter and honey. PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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I just saw ya in chat room but I just missed ya around the smoker :)
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Great tutorial Alex... points.gif

They look delicious...
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Hey Alex, beautiful little rolls you made there- they looked really soft and spongy~nice! Your pigsinablanket looked nice too, but I don't care for them much, remind me of school lunches tongue.gif Though they never made 'em nice like yours with a rub on them!
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Nice recipe and q-view Alex thanks for sharing it.
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