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smoked 4 turkeys in my new electric w/qview

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i smoked 4 jennie-o pre basted 12-13 pound turkeys this afternoon.

i started them at noon with all the turkeys at about 50 degrees.

i used 75% apple and 25% hickory to start and finished on all apple chips in my smoke generator

about 5 hours in, they are starting to smell like turkeys and get nice and brown

i pulled them at 6 hours 15 minutes at 170 degrees. the smoke flavor was not strong like i might have had in my GOSM. i will switch to a mix of 25% mesquite and 75% hickory the next time in pursuit of more smoke flavor. but the birds themselves were very tender and juicy.

my 3 long haired chihuahua were intrigued by all of the turkey. they will have to wait until tomorrow.
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Birds looked great, any reason you decided to do 4 of them? I hope because you are sending me one icon_mrgreen.gif
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Awesome Job! Again, cool smoke generator. Didn't understand your aquarium pump comments before, but definetly understand now. That baby does smoke!

Turkeys look delicious.
Thanks for sharing.
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Another quick question for the forum. I see that you left the plastic leg holders on the birds. I've always taken mine off for fear of them melting. Anyone have thoughts on that?
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They are fine to leave on, if they can go into the oven and withstand 300+ degrees they can handle the smoker. Same with those little pop up thingys. Though most of the time they don;t even pop up, and you don't want to know what's in them...
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It's amazing how much heat those plastic thingys will take. I've read post (never tried it myself) that some people wrap their meats while smoking with plastic wrap instead of foiling. They say its cheaper than foil and you have to get temps up around 325-350 to melt the stuff.
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Hey, thanks for bringing me back, Fire it up! I'll quit wrestling with the birds to get them out!
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Man thoses birds look fabulous and you said they were juicy too. Great job now how high was the smoker set at.? What ever you were doing keep it up and you'll be the hit of the neighbor hood.
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Where do you live again ??????
great lookin birds
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Great job on the turkeys. Looks like your three mascots have their own ideas as to to whom the three other turkeys will be allotted to. biggrin.gif
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yes. the pre basted ones are always juicy out of the smoker. i started them at 225-240 for the first 5 hours and finished them at 300-325 for the last 75 minutes.

i did 4 of them because we are having a faily get together at my house tomorrow and i will be sending one home with my father in law. (he loves meat) and my own father (same thing).
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a 12 pound turkey is a tall mountain to climb when you only weigh 10 pounds yourself. but they said they are willing to try. i gave each of them a turkey neck and they worked on them for hours.
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Fine lookin turkey's! PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif Ya had me worried there fer a minute, thought next thing ya was gonna smoke was dog!PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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dont give me any ideas. we have a cat that likes to hang out on the kitchen counter. right next to the steak knives.
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Honest honey, he slipt an fell on it!biggrin.gif
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Those are some fabulous looking birds. That is an awesome smoker that you made. I know someone in washington that did a conversion like that and he smokes cheeses and stuff too. The best of both worlds.
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i am reminded of my granny making that western Iowa family favorite....crock pot cat with wide egg noodles. she always said the secret ingredient was love. that and the cream of celery soup.
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Great Looking Birds...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Looks like the smoker is preforming up to par...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Now leave the cats alone and feed them pups...LOL
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