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Fatties and Turkey

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Im thinking about putting a few fatties above the turkey in my ECB. Im thinking that the grease drippings will do a good job basting the skin. Anybody done this? Sorry guys no Qview till turkey day. Speaking of Fatties... I was talking to a few folks at work about the "Fatty" and most had never seen or heard about it. I was coming up with ideas for what to stuff it with... had the co-workers drooling... not only that but i was given some great ideas... one hell of a way to get paid for discussing fatties!
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Boy you are on to something there...Maybe even put a pork butt above it..I have never done that but it sounds like it would work
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Hell, why stop there?
Put a brisket above a butt that is above some ABts that are above a chuckie over top the bird biggrin.gif
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Sure Jim he has a 6' ft tall smoker and then he could smoke all of that but I thiink it would work. It would really be juicey for sure. Ok first it's brisket then it the butt and then the abt's and then a chuckie and then don't forget the turkey and wasn't there some chicken in there too. Ok then you get a really big loaf of bread and a handful of cheese and you'll have one heck of a sandwiches. You talk about a good thanksgiven day feast.
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