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First turkey breast smoke attempt

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Picked up this breast section today, a bit pricey, but it's fresh and never frozen they say. Not having smoked a turkey breast before, I was looking for some feedback on favorite wood flavors, seasonings, etc... I am going to brine it Friday night until Sunday morning. Then I plan to cook it as hot as my MES can get, until hit hits the 165 mark, hoping to get a nice crispy skin on it. Suggestions from you turkey fans?

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Sounds like you have a plan. I go easy on the spices ETC, so as not to over power the meat flavor. I use garlic, lemon pepper, and a dash of sea salt.

The last few I made I made pastramie out of it, man it was good. Carol wants that for slicing for Thanksgiving.

Good luck!!
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An ideal brine time for a 14 lb turkey is approx 10-16 hours. It sounds like you intend to brine for 36 hours? Since you are doing a breast, I'd recommend you reconsider your brine times or you will end up with some salty meat.
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I'd brine that no more en 8 hours. I don't own a MES, but from what I've heard they don't get real hot. If ya wan't crisp skin ya need 300° - 350°. If ya can't get there with yer rig, pull it outa the smoker say at 145° - 155° an then pop it in the oven ta crisp up the skin an taker ta 165° -170° internal.
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Thanks, notes duly noted on brine time, spices and crispy skin. After thinking for a bit, I thought I might smoke till it hits 145 like mentioned, then popping it in the gas grill with indirect heat to crisp it up from there. I'm also going to see if I can use my beer can chicken stand for it with a can of IPA in it's neck. :-)
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Now you're talking :)
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Sounds like a plan, keep the qview coming...
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