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Ohhhhh Oh that smell!!

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Old skynnard song came to mind when I opened the fridge 53 lb of various types of venson summer sausage curing for the impending stuffing in cases tomorrow and smoking they are about to recieve. Smells goood and isn't even in the smoker yet.

This year recipees so far

mustard seed CBP garlic cure and onion salt
All of the above but more of it
same as above, but with hungarian paparica and red pepper
Super hot
all of the above add cyanne pepper and ground jalepenos.

Trying to decide which one to put the 2 lbs of High temp pepper cheese I have to toss in...
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Ain't it great?!? We did try a mild recipe for some of our venison and it was just great! Next deer we'll make more of a breakfast sausage out of it and roll us a fatty!
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Wish I could smell that smell right about now.

Depending on the heat level in he cheese I would go for adding it to the spicy, especially with the Hungarian paprika and red pepper...Mmmmmm.......
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Put the cheed in the Super hot and regular.
All cased today and redy for smoke. I am going to do the spicy in the oven I don't have alot of luck with the mohagney casings taking smoke. The colegens do great.
I cleaned out my casing store for summer sausage. Still have plenty of hog casings though. so maybee the next deer will be link sausage deer.
I will put some pix up later tonight prommised the deer hunting support team dinner out. :)
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Sounds err smells awesome too.Love to see the pics.Sounds like a blast as well.PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Can't you smell that smell. No I can't smell that smell. But I wish I could it sounds wonderful and really yummy too. I have just got my first meat grinder and the Bible for my b-day and summer sausage is on my list. The wife says only if I can make it as good as jerry did for the gathering. Can you put some of that smell in a jar and sent us some of it.?
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I smell that got done with 25lbs of SS my self...but I put mine into the casings and have them in the fridge till tomorrow...Do you guys think anything will happen with the casings???? I could start the smoker if I need to.
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Once it is cured there is no hurry. I got mine from the butcher, sat in bags overnight in fridge. I mixed it then back in bags. Today mix again add cheese and into casings and tomorrow afternoon Will start the smoke rolling. I need a smoker dedicated to this 1 month a year where I will so a couple hundred pounds of sausage. I can only smoke about 30lb at a time,,, need to make that about 60.... Or 260,,,,, Thinking a special design is in my future.. No pix, camera is at the parents house.. May get it tomorrow,,, Sorry no kitchen porn.....
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Sounds good Jeff can't wait for the Qview PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I wish I knew a hunter...
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Funny I have done this for years, but I had some downtime today while drying. I realized everyone else runs the temps up really slow. I never did this before. I usually set the temp to about 200 and smoke until meat hits 150ish.
So today I set to about 160 and got it going. I can already tell that at 160 there is not much smoke. But willing to try something diffrent s in about 4-5 hours we will see how it turns out
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Now that smell is really awsome!!!! Hickory and pecan flavored. It took a long time but I have about half in the fridge blooming. I couldn't wait so I grabbed a chub and sliced into it,,,,,, Now I remembery why (excluding the obvious) that I go hunting!!

Pix tomorrow. I have 9 more rolls to get in after the morning hunt. Ahhh can life get much better??
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Well as usual I was working to hard and forgot to take pix. I put the second batch in tonight and remembered to take a couple pix, Here is one in the smoker and one of my nephew posing with my deer!!I refused to have my photo taken with it,,,, cause well it is tiny for a 7 pt.
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It all looks and sounds great Jeff. Looking forward to a couple more Q-views
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