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Smoking Turkey Breast Rolls

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I picked up 3 (4lbs) Perdue frozen turkey breast rolls from Costco and for some reason, I cannot find any information on people smoking these (temps, times, wood).

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

- Peter
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I would go at it at around 250 until the internal temp reads around 165, pull and allow to rest anywhere from 15-30 minutes (or longer).

As for wood, poultry loves apple, cherry, maple and pecan. Hickory and mesquite will also work but might be a bit heavy (though I kinda like them both!).

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Thank you! I'll go with applewood, do I need to baste with a fat to keep it moist or does the low temp take care of that? I'm looking to brine them as well.

I love this forum!
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What do you mean by turkey breast rolls?
If you mean the turkey breasts that are big, round and boneless I can give you a few links to ones I have done before.

This is the kind I am talking about...

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That's the one, any links would be great!
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I would smoke it at about 230 or so and with some apple (my favorite) or cherry or maybe even alder would be good too. So then tak it to about 165 or so and also let it rest. Then enjoy.
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Here you go Peter.
Thought I had posted a third one but guess I never did...

Hope either of these are helpful, and enjoy it, they are delicious!
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