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Acu-rite warranty

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I bought 6 acu-rite digital remote thermometers at Walmart about 2 months ago they were on sale for $15. 3 of them are still working fine, but the other 3 are not. The probes are bad. I called 877-221-1252, Acu-rite customer service & told them the problem. I asked if I could buy new probes or were they under warranty. The lady said the model I had was too new to have replacement probes, so she is sending me 3 brand new complete units. This seems very fair to me. If you have any issues with acu-rite they seem willing to make you a happy customer. I hope the new probes last a little longer.
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Sounds like great customer service to me PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
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Good customer service is golden.
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I just got off a webinar which was all about that.
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Good deal. Glad to hear they're taking care of you.
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