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are those the 10 lb. bags?

I have used that version of the RO and thought it was ok, at least it was better than Cowboy, or the stuff they sell at Sam's(Frontier I think)

I picked up a couple 17.6 lb bags of American RO lump @ RD for $7.91/ea.
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Im ordering my pig Friday for the pigroast I have coming up in a few weeks. I was going to get it from Peoria Meatpacking in Chicago for about $90, but decided to go local, and buy it from Sages over in Morris, IL. Local, all natural pig, 90-100 lbs, prepped, butterflied, and trotters removed for about $150.

I cant wait to roast that pig in the La Caja.
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Yeah, the 8.8 lb bags. Your getting a better deal at RD on better stuff.
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Finally got over to the S & J Lisbon Meat locker yesterday. Chatted up the fella working there and purchased some of the house made brats, and beef/cheddar sticks.

Im thinking this will be a good source for 1/2 cows, pigs, etc. They will help hook you up with local livestock folks, and process the animal you purchase from them.

Its actually in Lisbon, not Newark.
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It is Lisbon but if you try and look up the place it is listed under Newark, doesn't make sense.

We ordered a 1/2 hog and a rack of steaks from them. The hog is ready but the steaks have to age a week. We're picking it up in two weeks.
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I think Ill be ordering something from them soon. looks like a whole hog would have cost me a little over $.90 / lb. vs the $1.58 I am paying @ Sages.
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