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New (kinda) Cooker Bebute and Turkey QVIEW

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Morn'en everyone.
Wanted to share some pictures of the smoker I've been working on this summer and some turkey and ham picts for the company T-Day party I'm cooking for today.

Cooker's previous life was a Stokeamatic Coal Stoker.

Side view of cooker

Cook box

Wood Bin

Fire Box



Temperature in Fruita, Colorado at 3:00 this morning

Turkey's ON!

Patience boy, PATIENCE!

Thanks for checking out my picts.
I'll share more along the way.
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Turkeys have been on since 3:30, just added a spiral ham rubbed with mustard and Jeff's rub. Look'en good.

Thanks for looking.
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Nice looking birds. Looks like you got a pretty good set up.

Thanks for sharing.
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Thanks, Blue.
I tried lifting the skin and rubbing butter for the first time and as you can see, got a little carried away and tore it before I knew what I was doing. Hafta be more careful next time.
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Yeah-that baby can hold some meat....looking good...
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that thing is huge! those turkeys look like cornish game hens. i love how it self-feeds the wood chips. nice find. looks like it weighs a few pounds.
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Birds & Sausage Look Great...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

Nice Cooker...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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Looks good and it is Local Colorado. Hey, Give me a call and I wil bring my birds to you to do LOL LOL

Looks like and great job recycling a good old coal stoker into a great smoker.

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is that sausage or necks?? I thought they were necks.
Awesome smoker and setup those birds look amazing.
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Thanks for all of the comments. This was one 'ell-of-a project to get everything working together. Over engineered it, then basically took it back to Zero and got it right the second time.

I thought the cook box was WAY to big at first, 3' wide x 2' deep x 4' tall. Was trying to save $$ when I had the metal bent, then I got it home and was like "GEEZE!". Now that I'm using in, I like it, especially today. Have all ready been asked to do all six turkeys next year.

NECKS - Not Sausage. If you look close you can see the angle I have welded to the top of each side - big plans to hang rods across for sausage some day, just haven't gotten to it.

Again, thanks. Means a lot to get complements from this group.
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