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Alternative meat

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In mt family we love sausage, but my wife is allergic to pork. Can anyone give me some recipes to assuage the wife?
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Might give this one a try.
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Hey Grampy Ijust got my sausage making book "The Bible" and I will look for some alternative meat and recipes for you. I send them to you
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There's all beef summer sausage, several other beef sausages, chicken sausage an such.
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Don't be afraid to take any recipe and substitute chicken or turkey. You may want to add a few drops of vegetable oil to overcome dryness during grinding. Use a combination of white and dark meat for flavor and texture. Also, there's beef and veal too; veal can be more delicious than pork!
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Heck, never tried it, but a tofu sausage may work.
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