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Sorta smoked Turkey

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So I'm thinking of cheating a bit on my turkey. My horizontal offset does not get much above 230° in the main cooking chamber (on a non-windy, cold day). So to smoke a 15 lb. bird on a cold day is probably gonna take 8-10 hours. My thought was to pull the tuning plates out of my smoker, and smoke the turkey over the hottest part for about 2 hours (it will be brined biggrin.gif), then pull it from the smoker and pop it into the oven at 350° for another 2 or 3 hrs.

I am hoping to end up with a nice subtle smokey flavor, and brown crisp skin. Any comments, suggestions, ideas, smart a$$ remarks.... biggrin.gif
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should work fine... i cheat with pork all the time. I start it on smoke and finish it in the oven overnight. It works out well, as I work alot and have a kid, so I do not do the all night deal.

I think you will be pleased with the results.

I would not put anything in the cavity and would make sure the breast is well exposed to the smoke.
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JI-I like to do my turkey birds at 300* and my Lang allows me to reach those kind of temps-my GOSM on the other hand is a different issue as long as the wind doesn't blow or the wind break doesn't blow over. I have used the oven at times to "save the day" otherwise, the dang bird would have taken forever to reach 165* internal.

So in this case the oven can be your friend.
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Even though you welcomed smart a$$ remarks, I will pass on my usual oven comments since your intentions seemed honorable. LOL

Good luck. Should work just fine.
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Though OVEN is a 4 letter word there are times when it can be a help, your case is a perfect example, smoke it on up and finish in the oven for a crisp skin and beautiful bird.
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Cool... as always lots of good advice, and now I don't have to get up at 1:00 AM biggrin.gif
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Mr. Rodrigues......................................;}-

Yes, that sounds as if it would work. To get a nice crispy skin, take either butter and some of your spices mixture-or-a light oil with the spices, and use your fingers to rub the goody all under the skin,everywhere!
Be careful not to tear the skin(if you do just toothpick it in place).
I like to put yummies such as whole Chiles(roasted and seeded),veggies and some more of your spice inside the cavity,I your case,don't close the legs so some smoke gets to the veggies.This won't cause ant bacteria,it's the raw meat and eggs and such ,that does that!
You probably know,but remember to track the temp. in the thigh's thickest part, the Breast will be prefect at a Thigh temp of 165*F.
Hope this helps and
Stan aka Old School :)-
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What a let down......
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I'm not gonna tell you how to smoke anything all I'm gonna do is give you my advice. If you want to start out in the smoker and finish in the oven go for it.
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LOL, maybe inject it with some watered down liquid smoke and skip the smoker all together....

/me runs PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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What can I say, I've been sick these last couple of fight in me. LOL
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Been eating to much pulled pork?.... must be the swine flue! biggrin.gif
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