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Thanksgiving Fatty?

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Does anyone have ideas for a Thanksgiving fatty?

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I sure do. I'm going to make several fatties using turkey sausage seasoned with a little more sage and poultry seasoning and I'm going to whip up a batch of stuffing made with bread cubes, sage, poultry seasoning and chopped onions, apples, and cranberries and moisten it with some chicken broth. I wish I had a fattie stuffer like Jeanies, but I think I'll try filling my jerky gun with stuffing and refrigerating it for awhile for it to set up a little, then force it out onto the rolled out sausage (minus the jerky nozzle of course) to roll up. If I roll it in bacon at all, it'll be turkey bacon.
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Both bread and cornbread stuffing are great in a fatty. Cranberries are a good to give it that sweet/sour flavor. I've never used canned cranberries, so fresh are all I can vouch for. Just follow the recipe on the package, but don't add to many. All you need are enough to punch up the stuffing flavor.

Last year I made one using Jimmy Dean sage sausage with green bean casserole inside and it got rave reviews.
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OMG those both sound so wonderful!!! I can't wait to try mine out.
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Both sound real good. The green bean cassarole, did you use those canned onions and white gravey? What happened when you sliced it? Did the cassarole spill out?
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i have done some with seasoned ground turkey, this one with a wild rice stuffing... from the one and only first original fatty throwdown. funny used to be a sticky, wonder where it went???

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I am going to use turkey sausage with a cornbread Andouile stuffing mix on the inside
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The white gravy is condensed mushroom soup, and yes there is some juicy spill out. Nobody complained about that since it pools around the fatty like gravy over a meatloaf.

The french fried onions are a little more soggy than the oven baked casserole, but the flavor is there. I loves me some green bean casserole. This year I canned yellow wax beans for a different color.
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Was wondering that myself, pretty sure it was there after the crash but I could be wrong.
The Springtime thread is still there but no Thanksgiving style entries in that one.

If using turkey I would recommend adding other sausage or some seasoning to the meat for flavor, did one out of all ground turkey, they can be a litle more difficult to handle than a sausage fattie but smoked up just fine.
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I have a ground turkey fatty on right now. I mixed in 1/4 lb of pork sausage for consistency and seasoned it with salt pepper and thyme.

I stuffed the boy with mashed taters, cranberry sauce and dressing.

I did not wrap it in bacon, but it is sitting under 4 lbs of beef pepperoni, so the drippings should keep it moist. I may spritz it with some cider after awhile.

It is being done on oak, as that is what I have. I will post up a pic later if I get a chance.

I am going to pick up the stuff for a fatty piston, as I will smoke some more fatties next week with a 12 lb bird. My fattty season is Thanksgiving until SuperBowl... everybody asks for them for parties.
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Man all of these sure sounds great and yummo too. I cann't wait to make one now. It could be the other thing to do with leftover turkey and the fixins besides the sammies and the micro.
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i found it...

maybe the mods could restore it to its sticky status in the fatty forum... lotsa great ones in that thread to look at....
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Those ideas sound great! How about a fatty with a garlic mashed potato filling? or sweet potatoes and pecans in a maple sausage fatty?

The ideas seem endless! :)
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I was thinking of trying a Thanksgiving fatty. What do y'all think of putting stuffing inside? I'm afraid it will be soggy if I add broth, but I'm also afraid it will be dry if I donticon_confused.gif

Anyone have any ideas?
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I love all the responses you got but have to make one that is bit off task. You and I have the same spelling of the same last name. I wonder if we are related?
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