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Elk summer sausage with cheese

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Hello everyone

on Nov 7 a couple of my buddies went out Elk hunting it was opening day for modern firearm season here in Washington they both got thier bull's one 4 point and a 5 point on Nov 13 we started butchering the 2 elk after work and finished them on the 14 th we ended up grinding 220 pounds of burger meat and had 20 roasts and i dont know how many pounds of steaks we cut all the steak was cubed
i took home 25 pounds of ground meat for some summer sausage with cheese it turned out great here is a pic of the summer sausage i will post the pics of the elk as soon as i figure out how to get them to my photobucket account they are cellphone pics and i erased them off the phone got to figure out how to save them as a jpeg

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That sausage looks outstanding, Huey! Love that elk meat. I still have a late season cow tag for the whole month of December. I need to make room in the freezers.icon_eek.gif
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Bassman start the smoker and make some sausage i know it does not last long around here
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Man that looks good.Just real nice....points.gif
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Looks great as usual. I've so far been skunked on my elk hunts. Have about 8 more days to try.
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Great Looking Summer Sausage...PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif(in the winter LOL)
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