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Horrible Beef Ribs

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This was my second attempt at smoking beef ribs, both times they turned out tough and tasteless, I'm thinking it was the breed of beef that was responsible. First cook I tried the 3-2-1 which actually went 3-2-2 at 225° in the GOSM. The second was in the WSM for 10 hours at 235°, thinking a long slow cook would make them tender.

Look at them bones, almost 3’ wide and 9” long, there was a piece of gristle that covered the meat that I didn’t see before I cooked them, these came from Argentina and 5 bones cost about $10.

Here is a pic of New Zealand Beef prime rib steak cooked in the WSM, big difference in the size of the bones.

Just a heads up if any comes your way.

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Sorry they aren't turning out for you Gene.
I suppose it could be the breed, have only done beef ribs a handful of times, actually have some on right now, but the meat for them comes from here in the US.
Do you rub/marinate or anything before you smoke them? Shouldn't really even make a difference if you rub ahead of time, ribs are great either way.
Any way you can find a local butcher to get some for you so you can see if there are any difference in the butcher cuts as opposed to store bought?
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My condolences as well. I'll have to defer to FireItUp for any tips on beef rib cooking as he just made all of our mouths water with his recent post. I've had some good beef ribs cut off of a prime, but love pig ribs so I haven't worked up the courage to do beef.

I will add, if the ribs are 3" wide, you're dealing with a very big, old Bovine! We slaughter and butcher all of our own beef and pork, and I don't think I've ever seen a beef rib at 3". Maybe it was an Elephant!

I would follow Fire It Up's advise and try to find a local butcher and really look over the rack.

That and $4 will get you a gallon of gas!
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I guess you need some pics to compare by, they were there when I previewed, however photobucket isn't cooperating at the moment so I'll try to post them later.

Jim, the first time I used a homemade rub and left overnight in the fridge, the second was rubbed with Montreal Steak Seasoning.

There aren't any local beef butchers and the only beef cattle we have here are Charolias and they are just for exhibition, so we are at the mercy of what the stores import.

WALLE, just wait until I can post the pics, they were really dino bomes.

Thanks for the replies,

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