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Ribs and chicken and a failed turkey.

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Had friends coming over today so I did Ribs and chicken. Also was doing a turkey but that kinda didnt happen as planned. I forgot to put the temp prob in and then started making sausage and forgot about it. When I remember I put the prob in and it was over 200 in the breast. It taste great but a bit dry. It will be good on a sandwich with Mayo. I only have a pic of the turkey before. Im not putting the after pictures up because it was that bad.

Trimmed the ribs st louis style and used my rub. Did 2.5-1.5-.5

chicken legs were brined and then coated with Richtee's rub. It was a good rub.

Here is the ribs and chicken finishing on the grill.

Wasnt able to get any pictures once it was on the table.

Thanks for looking.
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That's the great thing about poultry, a few slices of bread, a smear of mayo and some cold meat and it tastes great.
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This is the one thing I really like about this website, people post when things don't go as planned. It makes us newbies feel like it's okay to mess up.

Thanks for sharing.

Everything still looks really good.
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Sorry about your turkey man. Were you using a remote thermometer?

All is not lost though, you can make a great meal like chicken ala king and use the turkey instead, or some turkey pot pies, or like you said sammmies w/ mayo.

It happens to the best of us.

Learn by by our mistakes, crap happens.
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I just forgot about the probe because of all the other things I was doing today. We all make mistakes
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Yes we do Brian.
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Sorry about the turkey but the rest looks Great...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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If I had that turkey here, I'd be making a batch of turkey noodle soup. It is winter here!biggrin.gif
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Yes we all make mistakes but we eat them to and that just makes us human and gives us the will to do it right next time. All is not lost thou you can make several things with dry turkey cause all our moms have been dring them out for years. Sandwiches is one just have to use alittle more mayo. You van also do the pot pie gig that Ron brought up. Then you have bassman with soup. The list goes on and on.
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Thanks for the nice comments and great suggestions with the victim. LOL.
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