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Dry Aged Beef

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I had this ribeye roast in the freezer. The other half was a bit chewey but tasted good.

I saw this post and decided to try it. Thanks LFRoberts5.


I don't have a cotton towel but thought what the hell? I love experimenting. I have done a lot of wet aging at the restaurant in Cryovac.

A good score.

One side.

The other side. I got it covered in a 34' fridge.

I'll post the results as they progress. I hope for some good aged meat. We'll see.

Thanks for watching.
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I love doing it myself as well.Look forward to your observations Ron.
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Dry aged is definitely the way to go....good luck and will keep a eye out for this for sure
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I am very interested to see how it turns out Ron. I have been wanting to try some dry aging.

Thanks for sharing. Keep it coming.
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Looking forward to it..
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Looking forward to seeing it Ron...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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"Butter Steaks"

Whenever dad would have a loin sale we'd collect a plethora of pinbone sirloin sections (about 3" chunk between the sirloin and the porterhouse with both the Tbone and the hipbone in it) - sometimes 8 - 10 of them.

(Pinbone steak, usually 2 or 3 of them per loin, or about 3" thick piece)

He'd leave them hanging in the cooler for a couple weeks until they were black and covered in mold, then take them out, bone out and trim them up and slice the NY Strip and the tenderloin chunks into 1/8" steaks, a big pile of them. He had a custom made iron frying pan that spanned both burners on the stove, would heat that up with some butter and salt and flash fry those little steaks; barely hitting one side, he'd flip them, then onto a platter. We'd have a steak feed fit for a king; the aging made them as tender as butter, we nicknamed them 'butter steaks'!
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So Ron let me get this straight you are going to just let it sit in the refrig for days with nothing on it right. Then see what happens to the meat. I will be paying real close eye in this one for I've been wanting to try dry aging meat for awhile but didn't want to mess up a 100.00 hunk of meat. Do you know the humity of the refrig that you are using or are you jusy winging it? I have seen where they wrap it in cheeses cloth before and change or unwrap and re-wrap it daily before too.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gifPDT_Armataz_01_37.gif
PS: Pops those steaks you guys did sounds really great anf I bet they were tender.
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Excellent attitude Ron! You got it, and we're sure you can make some good stuff happen. Never aged any meat myself nor eaten any that I know of, but it sure sounds good. Really anticipating this project from you PDT_Armataz_01_37.gif

That sounds so good right now, I am drooling! Wow. What happened to that pan?

Great question Mark. I know that has to be important in all of this, thanks for bringing it up. But, realize that if this comes out as planned, we are all set, thanks to Ron!
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Hey Ron,

Great timing! I have been reading up on dry aging and watched a couple of bozo's on you tube as well. I am interested in trying this. In my research I stumbled across this product that is supposed to let the moisture out and also protect the meat from any odors that may happen to be in the fridge...thought they were interesting. The trouble is that you need their special vacuum sealer to work it, and I don't want to buy another one. http://www.drybagsteak.com/

I am tempted to grab some of their bags and experiment with them...heck, I'm an engineer and could probably make them work any way.

Really interested in how this turns out...definitely keeping an eye on this one.
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After 1 day. Starting to change color.

This is the top.

Fliped over.

I'm thinking about finding a rack or something to lift the roast off the plate.

By the way the fridge is at 34' and humidity is 28%.

I'll post again on the progress, if I don't forget.

Thanks for watching, I will try and go at least 7 days if I can.
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If anyone is watching, I know there was interest in this so I thought I would post the progress.

Day 2.

A little darker and drier, but not much change in the meat. I can see the sides drying out though.
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i believe the key is having lots of airflow. i noticed you added a rack, which is important...

also temp should be slightly above freezing. If you watch alton brown "good eats" he shows you how to dry age...

try patting the outside dry with a paper towel...

from what i remember, the outside should turn dry and even hard. after the aging is done, you can trim off the pieces that are too dry to cook and eat...

keep us posted!
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interesting, cant wait to find out the results!!!
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Looking good RON.I did a rump roast few weeks back -it started at 3.99 pounds and weighed out at 3.63 after 6 days....
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The key is also to have a large chunk of meat. Can't dry-age a 2" steak. By the time you trim off the dried-out top, dried-out bottom, and dried-out sides, you'll be left with a steak that's 1/4" thick.

I would never eat enough steak in a short enough time period to justify dry-aging a sufficiently large chunk of beef. That's why I'm perfectly content to get mine from a butcher. But I'll definitely call this topic up if/when we decide to have company that we're gonna feed steak.
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please be carefull guys, this is not foolproof and moisture is NOT your friend in dry aging.Meat lockers that dry age beef are designated as just that, beef coolers, not refers with other stuff in it opened 10 times a day adding new( and possibly contaminated) items. Not trying to rain on anyone parade, just want you to be carefull.icon_neutral.gif
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i think that's why the instructions i've read insist on using cotton towels to pull any moisture from the outside away from the meat.
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Nice and dry.

I think it is ready.

I will probably smoke it tomorrow.

Thanks for watching.
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