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15lbs stuffer for 152.99+tax shipped to your door

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This stuffer is no longer avlible through gander moutain for the time being

I thought i would ask to see if they had a reason why they are discontinued

http://www.gandermountain.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?i=401088&pdesc=Gander_Mountain_15_Lb_V ertical_Sausage_Stuffer&str=stuffer&merchID=4005

then when you go to your cart type gander15 in the coupon section, got mine the other day all metal gears to.biggrin.gif
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Your Link wasn't working so I fixed it...
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Now thats a nice looking stuffer and for the price thats makes it even better.
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Great deal! The description says nylon gear kit but the picture shows metal gears. Either way, it's a good price.
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Great deal, thanks! Just canceled my Northern Tool order and now have this one coming my way... saved $70 that can go towards casings, cure and other good stuff.
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gander moutain

Ya i noticed the nylon gear statment but when it showed up at the door they were metal
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This is a great deal in my eyes.Thanks for the tip /heads up.I have been doing sausage for years in a kitchen aid has worked great but slow.(I have more time than money) but at this price it's time to bring it up a notch.Just ordered one .Thanks again Bill icon_mrgreen.gif
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I have one from them, it is identicl to the LEM. Not one problem to date. Works like a charm and has metal gears.
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we bought there #12 grinder also. and its great pretty much unstopable and as fast as you can feed it down to tube.
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Thanks for that link and the promo code. I was just there today, at gander and almost bought the 5# one. Glad I waited and found this post today. Ordering the 15# one tomorrow. Can't wait.PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I got my new stuffer on Monday and it looked like they rolled the box up the driveway all smashed up and the stro-foam inside was crushed as well.Lucky that it was made from stainless and didn't seem to bend or break the unit.
I was showing a friend this and telling him that if he wants he can use it anytime.I noticed that the smallest stuffing tube is 3/4" and I don't think that the small 19mm-21mm collagen are going to fit, is there a place to get smaller tubes ,preferably just one 3/8" for the guide series from gander mt. thanks Bill
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I got mine last week... this thing is built like a tank. Stuffed a few pounds of pork sausage over the weekend it works great.
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Yes, you can order one from Butcher Packer, the 3/8" tube to fit the F. Dyck (spelled with an 'i' but won't show up if spelled that way) stuffer. order 3_8tube model.
here's the link:

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Thanks Pops ,I ordered one ( 3/8" stuffing tube ) this morning.What a site ,while there I picked up a few other essentials too.We use to have a great meat supply house in Minneapolis (Mandeville ) that when I went there two weeks ago the sign on the door said closed for cleaning ,I think closed for good.I hope they come back because they had everything you could think of and it was fun just to look around.Thanks again I have booked marked the site.Bill
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just went to order 1 & the total price was $180.19 with the code for 15% off. Am I missing something or did they change something. Still a good price with steel gears. Would like to order 1 before the end of today.
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Looks like you might have missed the sale.I went a checked on the link at the top of the page and the price was $199.00 last week it was that but on sale for $ 179.00 less 15 % brought it to $152. Because gander has brick and mortar stores in MN I got taxed to.I would email and ask if the sale price can be honored,they usually just wave their wand,I know Cabalas has on things.
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Just sent email. now to wait
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Must be over

They must have raised the base price and the gander15 code does not work on the 5 lb version.

I usually only do 5lb batches at a time.
I have not read any reveiws of the 5lb version, has any one had problems, for 100.00, seems like a pretty decent deal and may solve my current problem of making mush sausage.
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with this coupon you get ten dollars off a purchase of fifty or more GMTWY2

and they took the sale price off of the stuffer
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this deal still works 135 with free shipping
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