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Regarding the whole beer can chicken stuff:

This article has created quite a stir with others.

My opinion is this: the beer can is helpful in getting more birds on your smoker and looks cool. The beer doesn't add flavor, so I drink the beer and often use a dry can.

Regarding a turkey on a throne: go for it, although using a vertical pole to hold the bird upright would produce the same results.

I still prefer the spatchcock method for my poultry. Something about grilling those bones over high heat just makes everything taste yummy.
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Will some other fluid in a beer can or bean can produce flavor?

How about Pepsi? Coke? Dr. Pepper?
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SO I guess not.


What about filling the drip pan? Not with beer but with OJ? Or cider?
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A butterfly in Indiana does affect the weather in China, but it's negligible.

I doubt it seriously. I simply don't bother.

If you want more flavor, marinate/brine the bird in the stuff or just rub it on.
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Good enough. It's brining right now. I'll pull it out of the brine this evening.

I think I may just use EVOO, italian seasoning , salt, and pepper.

I'll let it sit over night with that stuff on it then smoke it tomorrow.
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I use rootbeer for my beer can chicken for a sweeter taste. Going to try rootbeer for my first B.C. Turkey

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