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Beer can turkey

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Has anyone ever done a beer-can turkey? Like maybe a big can like a Foster's?
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Fosters? WTF is that, use BEER,
These was for the churchs T-day last year, I did 2, and some ladys done some others in their kitcken cooking device

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I was just thinking Foster's because it comes in a bigger can, but I guess that is it's only positive.
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Ya, use what ever beer you want, you can also load a juice can if your wanting more volume. I just reload the bird with another beer as needed, that way I don't feel guilty about how much I mite be drinking
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I enjoy an occasional Fosters, I pretend I am Peter Jackson (I know he's from New Zealand) and pretend I used to make good movies like Meet the Feebles and Bad Taste and now make movies like King Kong...
I would think Fosters would be good for sitting it up and filling the cavity but never tried a butt can turkey.
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I may be the only one to find it funny that you did the beer cans for the church, but my wife things I am weird anyway. Maybe their Catholic turkeys. Nice looking birds though.
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I hear these work really well, unfortunately it won't fit on my drum..


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Must be, us Baptists like Moonshine & Any Beer but Bud, they sold out to a Foreign mfg...icon_mrgreen.gif
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It is true for a danish company just (about 6 monthes ago) bought budweiser. I have never tried a beer can bird of any kind. The birds that I have smoked have come out so moist and juicey I cann't see adding any liquid to them.
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So I think I'm going to try beer can turkey this year.

After some further research it seems pretty easy. I have a question about the brine though. It seems only natural to add beer to the brine. Every recipe i've found on the internets consists of a massive list of herbs and spices and 4 quarts of beer.

Couldn't I just drop the turkey in the stock pot, add a 6 pack of dark beer, add a 1/2 cup of kosher salt, a half cup of raw sugar, and top it off with puified water until submerged? Let the bird soak for a day and a half and smoke it?

These fancy pants brine recipes seem kinda silly to me.
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Oh the jokes that could be made with this line...

I have also made using regular cans of beer and never actually thought about Fosters. That's not a bad idea though, and its not a bad beer either.

Good luck
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Honestly, and I'm sure I'll get beat down with a stick on this one, but I don't think it really matters what you add in the can as the flavor really doesn't cook through. One exception is the fact that different solutions boil at different temperatures. And if you are cooking anywhere near 300, even that doesn't matter.

With that said, if you have a tall enough smoking chamber, you can use the large cans of baked beans; emptied of course, and filled with whatever elixer you desire.
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Yes and they canceled a bunch of barley contracts here in MT, so Bud can kiss my A$$. I like Miller Lite anyways.
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bought one of these a couple of years ago worked great but inpossable to clean. i pitched it and built my own that works as is easy to clean.
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I agree...I think i have done this twice.Whatever gets the boat floated...The whole process never did much for me,but that is me....Good Luck and enjoy!!!!
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Never have brined meat in beer, brine my self at times with beer.

Useally the brine is what gets you the flavors in skin on birds, rub don't do a lot of good at penetrateing the skin.

You can do what ever you dream up when it comes to brines, just need to keep with 1C salt/1 gallon liquid. And remember, the liquid you choose may have some salt or cureing effect in it.
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I found another very tweakable stupid easy brine recipe.

It was basically water, beer, brown sugar, and kosher salt.

I figure i''ll dump a six pack of yuengling lager, enough water to top it off, then the brown sugar and salt.

Easy peasy.

I'll give it a good meat rub and smoke it at 250 until done. It'll get a melted butter rub a few times too.

Solved. Beer tastes good.
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Reminder to everyone, be sure not to brine in an aluminum stock pot, it is reactive with all that salt. You can use a food grade 5 gallon plastic bucket or a cooler.
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I have done a beer can turkey before, but instead of using a can, I use a wide mouth mason jar.
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The Turkey is now in the brine.

I used:

1 gallon of purified water
1/2 cup kosher salt
1/2 cup brown sugar
4 12 oz. cans of Yuengling lager

I smoke the turkey starting tomorrow morning.

And yes...it's in a plastic food grade bucket for the brining.

I'll probably use one of those great big heiniken mini keg beers. I think they'r 24 oz's or something like that.
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