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First Fatties In.

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Well I finally decided to make a couple fatties. The local grocer had some Jimmy Dean's on sale 2 for $3 so I bought a couple and picked up a couple chubs of store brand spicy sausage as well for $.99ea.

There must be a trick to rolling the sausage, I flattend it out and ended up making more of a bowl and folding the top up then using a bacon wrap to hold it shut. One thing I did notice is the the Jimmy Dean's didn't seem as greasy as the store brand and was firmer and easier to work with. The store brand kept wanting to fall apart. I put both fatties in the freezer for 15 minutes and that seemed to help before I put them in the smoker.

Nothing fancy for filling, just filled with some various cheeses (the woman doesn't like much for veggies) and one I put some italian seasonings in. I figure I could have them with some spaghetti tonight then.

As far as cheese goes, would I be better off using chunk/block as opposed to shredded? This time I used a blend of various shredded cheeses, but I don't know if they'll just melt into the meat. Whereas a large chunk may hold form better.

Will post some pics when they come out. Didn't think of it when I was putting them together.
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Well, just out of the smoker, going to let them rest. 163 on the temp.

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Looking good! Next time, make one for the wife and one for yourself if you want more than just cheese in it. Sounds like a good fit with the spaghetti...but then again, I think a fattie is a good fit with anything.
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Loookin good for your first attempt Adam....PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif

Try looking at this thread by CaptDan and it will explain how to set up and roll a fattie the easy way....good luck buddy...PDT_Armataz_01_12.gif
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Nice ones..
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Nice looking fatties...PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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I actually did read the thread and even had my laptop next to me while doing it. It's just the actual process was hard to complete.

As far as leftovers. How do you store these and reheat these? I tried refrigerating them, she came home and sliced off and tried microwaving it, but it had far too much grease. Any suggestions?
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I like to cut thick slices of it cold, toss into a hot pan and it will sear the slices, toss onto a biscuit with or without egg and you have one fine breakfast sandwich.
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Great looking fattie! There on my list also. PDT_Armataz_01_34.gif
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