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UDS.... Question

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Hi to all, this is my first post. :)

Just wondering if a drum that use to contain latex paint would be fine to smoke out of, if I burn the poopy out of it. :)

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you will get mixed results on that one, maybe someone will reply soon?
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Burn it - get it to metal and you're good to go.

Bring pics as you go
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Once you get it to bare metal, should be fine. Of course another big fire might be fun just for the hell of it. biggrin.gif

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Power wash, burn, power wash, burn, power wash, should be good ta go. If it's got a liner in it, yer gonna wanna try an get as much a that out as ya can. I found a weed burnin torch works real well!
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I did a burn last night and it cleaned up all of the dried latex paint, but there is still some sort of clear on the inside of the drum.

That clear must be some good stuff to live through the 3 hour burn.biggrin.gif
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That's more en likely a clear liner an yer gonna have ta get that drum perty hot to burn it off. I'd use a weed burner if ya can find one. I got mine red hot to get most a my liner out.PDT_Armataz_01_05.gif
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Here is a pic of my two other toys.

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Nice toys.
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If you would can you stop by Roll Call and introduce yourself properly and we can give you the proper welcome that we like to give to new members. Oh yea nice toys.
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